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Research and Product Development
in Experimental Energetics

New for 2015
GB-4000 & SR-4
Platinum Package


GB-4000 Platinum Package
SALE $2,375
GB-4000 & SR-4 Platinum
with Latest 2015 Upgrades and Software,
All Connections, and our New Exclusive
2-in-1 Rolling Trolley + Compact Travel Case
2015 GB-4000 & M.O.P.A. Combo
GB-4000 & MOPA Package
$4,445  SALE $4,220
GB-4000 & M.O.P.A. Amplifier Combination
with Latest Upgrades and Software and
All Connections (Plasma Tube not included)

2015 GB-4000 Function Generator
GB-4000 Function Generator
GB-4000 Function Generator
with Latest Upgrades and Software,
and All Connections

2015 GB-4000 & SR-4 Combo Pack
GB-4000 Frequency Generator
$2,420  SALE $2,320
GB-4000 & SR-4 Combination
with Latest Upgrades and Software,
and All Connections
The New Multi-Vial Charger

The Multi-Vial Charger imprints up to 9 vials at a time and works with the Eagle Guardian, Eagle Remedy Maker, GB-4000 Sweep Function Frequency Generator, the Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer A2 and AM3 Matrix Models and many other popular instruments such as the Atelier Robin F-165

Quantum Entanglement Generator
New! Use with the GB-4000 to broadcast remotely!

Years in development and finally released! The QEG connects to the BNC output of the GB-4000 and allows full experimentation of Quantum Entanglement and non-local particle interaction. Simply insert a DNA sample (such as fingernail clippings or hair clippings) in the target area between the plates and transmit frequencies remotely to a subject at any location. Ours exclusive. Available only from QuantumBalancing.com

A2 Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer
New 2015 Model - $1895

 ABPA A2 Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer with FREE
 SP3 Vortex Imprinting Cable and 2 Training DVDs!

  • FREE SP3 Vortex Imprinting Cable ($200 value) and new two DVD training video set ($49.97 value) included with the purchase of an ABPA A2 Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer. Quantities Limited!
  • STUNNING NEW TECHNOLOGY! The New Vortex Imprinting Cable is now included with every ABPA purchase! Up to 9X more effective energy based on our research!
  • Can also connect to and transmit frequencies from the F-Scan, F160, SE-5, QXCI, Rife, and other frequency devices - even your computer sound card!
  • Operates with AC power adaptor (included) or from a 9-volt battery for completely portable operation. Includes FREE access to our Members only download area!
  • Visit the new Yahoo ABPA Group Forum HERE
In the Vortex Pendant
The Vortex Pendant
24K Gold Tracings

Energy Pendant

The New AcuTrigger 2.0
Professional Piezo
Stimulator for Experimental Research

Egyptian Discovery!
Rare, Vintage
Pyramid Pendant

New 2013 QuantumPulse

The QuantumPulse
Broadcast harmonious frequencies around you and to your environment to build a resistance or shield against the harmful effects of ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMFs)

Vortex Imprinting Plates



Quantum Pulse

AcuTrigger 2.0

Water Vortex Magnetizer