EMR Labs, LLC - Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: Is the GB-4000 the same as the Ultimate B3?
A: The GB-4000 is the latest model of this frequency generator. It's predecessor, the Ultimate B3 was discontinued after the new model was released. There was an even earlier model which preceded the Ultimate B3 which was called the RifeUltimate.

Q: What is the output of the GB-4000 Frequency Generator?
A: RF Mode: 5.4 Watts, 85 Volts Under Load (current in milliamps); Audio Mode: 30 - 35 Volts 1/5th of a Watt. The output of the SR-4 Amplifier is approximately 30 watts in RF mode.

Q: Can Hulda Clark zappers be used as a Beck device?
A: No they can't. Hulda Clark Zappers run at 30 kHz and Beck's devices run at 4Hz. The Zapper output current is only 1.2mA whereas the Beck blood electrifier is 12mA. Also, the Zapper uses pulsed DC positive offset output while the Beck devices are Bi-Phasic AC.

Q: What is the difference between the output of a contact or "pad" type instrument and the output of the RAY TUBE?
A: Contact or "pad" type instruments deliver frequencies through direct contact, while Ray Tube Instruments transmit frequencies indirectly through the air.

Q: I've read a lot on the internet about various manufacturers claiming that an "Analog" instrument is superior to what they call "digital" instruments. Is this true?
A: This is a common ploy by some unethical manufacturers to fool potential buyers into purchasing their instruments based on erroneous information. The reason for this is typically they do not have the research and development funds necessary to design, develop, and manufacture solid-state electronic (IC) circuit technology. They also say things like   "There are thousands of frequencies between each positioned frequency on a digital machine that are missed when going from one frequency to the other. This means that when you set the dial to a specific frequency like 600 then move up the scale between 600 (600.0000) and 901 (900.9999) there are thousands of combinations of frequencies (resonant and harmonic) surrounding the target frequencies that are covered when using an analog machine and are missed with a digital machine".   This kind of dis-information is complete nonsense given the fact that the latest generation of solid-state machines such as the GB-4000 have both "Sweep" and "Channel Sweep" functions which are capable of reaching an infinite amount of frequency and harmonic combinations between the primary chosen frequencies. The output frequencies of the GB-4000 are an ANALOG signal which has been converted from a DIGITAL signal using a DAC or Digital-to-Analog Converter. This method is far superior and exponentially more powerful and accurate the older manual tuning methods. Try tuning 18,700,000.25 Hz with a so-called "analog" instrument. Notice that your television, appliances, stereo system, car radio, cell phone, computer, watches, and calculators all use digital tuning. The reason for this is obvious. The digital circuitry is more accurate, reliable, and technologically superior than its antiquated counterpart (remember the clunky old manual TV tuning knobs that wouldn't work after a short time?). For a more in-depth explanation of this issue, click HERE.

Q: Can I use my computer soundcard and frequency generator software as a Rife Machine?
A: Yes, you can, but there would be no RF carrier, no frequencies past 20,000 Hz and certainly insufficient current and power to have any noticeable effect.

Q: Is the government, scientific, or medical community doing any testing with this technology?
A: Here are some links to news stories that show progress is being made in this field.

Q: Do you have any testimonials?
A: We do not publish testimonials due to recent F.T.C. regulation changes.

Q: What information is available in the "Members Only" area?
A: Throughout the years we have collected numerous papers, e-books, files, and other interesting research materials, much of which is no longer publicly available. Access to this area is provided upon request with the purchase on any instrument.