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PAYMENTS - We accept these types of payments: PayPal, Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer, Check, and Money Order. We assure you all our payment methods are secure. Our products generally ship the same day your order is received at our office.

Phone Orders: 800-435-1392 or 719-547-8438 (Mountain Time Zone)

Mail Order Address:

PO Box 6995
Pueblo West, CO 81007

SECURITY: Our order processing services use industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology to protect your confidentiality. Our complete website, including our shopping cart and order pages are 128-bit SSL secured and use the latest EV SSL Plus 2023 Certificate.

Your credit card information is sent directly to the credit card processor that is located on a secure web site that encrypts all transmitted credit card data according to the secure 2023 HTTP protocol. We protect you by ensuring that nobody but you and the automated credit card processor will see your credit card information. You can go directly to the  ORDER PAGE.


We require payment by Bank Wire Transfer for all international orders over $200. Please email us HERE and we will send you IMMEDIATELY the information to make a Bank Wire Transfer.

We require payment by PayPal or Credit Card for all international orders under $200.

On international orders, all applicable duty and customs charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

RETURNS: IMPORTANT! ALL RETURNS REQUIRE THAT THE CUSTOMER CALL US ON OUR TOLL-FREE PHONE NUMBER 1-800-435-1392 AND OBTAIN AN RMA NUMBER. DO NOT RETURN PACKAGES TO THE RETURN ADDRESS LISTED ON THE PACKAGE WHICH IS USED FOR SHIPPING ONLY. Returnable products have a 20% re-stocking fee and original S & H costs. (If your order was sent with free shipping, we will deduct our actual S & H costs, even if you did not pay for the shipping.) Request for a return must be made within 30 days of the order date. All returns require an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number to qualify for a refund. Call 1-800-435-1392 to request a RMA number. No refunds issued after 30 days. Returned products must include all original boxes, packaging, and accessories. If these items are not included then an additional amount of $180 will be charged and subtracted from the refund amount.

S&H costs, taxes, customs fees, and any additional fees are non-refundable. If you receive free shipping from us, the S&H cost will be deducted from the refund amount. Up to a 30% restocking fee may apply for a product approved for refund. If you are approved, your refund will be processed within three (3) business days*. (*Processing time varies by each credit card company/ bank and will be reflected in your account or statement accordingly.) If the package is sent back to us by the carrier or customs officials, the purchaser is still responsible for any additional return shipping cost and fees, and they will be deducted from the refund amount. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to orders returned in original condition by the carrier or customs officials as "unclaimed", "refused", "unable to deliver", "incorrect address or name", "no response after few attempts made to deliver", or "illegal to import".

All returns must be shipped via trackable shipping service. We cannot be responsible if we do not receive your returned product. Unfortunately, we cannot provide return shipping labels due to all returns being unique. Shipping costs must be prepaid by the customer. If the product is damaged during return shipping, the shipper is responsible for filing an insurance claim against the carrier. We highly recommend insuring your return shipment.

IMPORTANT: Any orders that are cancelled by the purchaser after the orders have been processed, packaged, and/or shipped, will be charged $90 or 3% of the order amount cancellation\re-stocking fee. This is due to the new COVID regulations that require all shipping boxes and packaging materials be destroyed and not reused.

The Water Vortex Magnetizer, all Imprinting Plates, and the Quantum Entanglement Generator are energetic in design and use, and therefore cannot be returned.

Thank you.


Package theft now occurs for approximately 5% of all packages delivered into the USA and Canada.  Both UPS and USPS offer tips and on-line solutions for virtually eliminating this for your shipment.  UPS's My Choice, and the newly launched My USPS programs allow you to get instant notifications of package deliveries by email and text message, re-route packages, and hold delivery of your packages.  We HIGHLY recommend you enroll in BOTH of these services.

EMR Labs LLC (QuantumBalancing.com) will NOT bear the responsibility for a package that is properly delivered that is STOLEN from a residential address based on carrier tracking information.


Delivery to Residential Addresses

UPS contracts with EMR Labs LLC, and you (the consumer) to deliver a package to an address.  They are NOT required to present the package to a person, or obtain a signature for delivery (unless specifically requested during the checkout process*).

Certain addresses and locations in various localities are electronically "flagged" in the UPS database as high-theft address locations.  For such locations, UPS may elect to NOT leave a package unattended. They will instead attempt deliver for an additional 2 attempts (for 3 attempts total).  The package will then be returned to EMR Labs LLC. Should a package be returned, we will only refund the PRODUCT COSTS and also subtract the cost to return this package to us. Theft statistics shown upwards of 23 million packages were stolen in 2015 (or nearly 5% of all package deliveries).

Delivery to your Work Address Instead

We HIGHLY recommend that your package be delivered to your business or work address IF POSSIBLE. The delivery rates for all services are  up to 20% cheaper when shipping to a physical "bricks and mortar" business address compared to a residential address.  If you select a BUSINESS address, be sure to enter the COMPANY NAME on the shipping information to ensure timely delivery.

Deliveries to businesses typically are made in the morning - so you may also get your package faster. Our software will automatically re-calculate the shipping rate during the checkout process to this cheaper business rate. The "Calculate Shipping" link on our website will estimate your rate on a residential delivery. Theft statistics show less than a 0.1% package loss when delivery is made to a verified business address.

UPS My Choice Program 
UPS have created a program called "My Choice".  Most services offered in this program are FREE.  We highly recommend signing up for this program My Choice provides the following benefits:

  • Pending Package Delivery Notification
  • Package Intercept / Re-Routing (additional fees may apply)
  • Package re-direct to a UPS Retail Location or UPS Delivery Hub
  • Pre-authorized drop-off
  • Delivery planner (schedule time window for delivery)
  • Add delivery instructions to a pending delivery
  • Delay Delivery of a Package
  • Complete control and notifications of ALL your inbound UPS packages (not just from EMR Labs LLC)


Delivery to Residential Address
USPS contracts with EMR Labs LLC, and you the consumer to deliver a package to an address.  They are NOT required to present the package to a person, or obtain a signature for delivery (unless specifically requested during the checkout process).

Theft of packages delivered by USPS is sky-rocketing. During the holiday season, some areas experience a package theft rate of 10% or higher. Packages shipped using First Class Package, Priority Mail, and Express Priority Mail are shipped WITHOUT insurance.

If tracking shows delivery of your package, we WILL attempt to assist in a possible mis-delivery.  However, in 95% of such occassions, your package was probably stolen. The USPS highly recommends filing a STOLEN PACKAGE report. 

If you are expecting a package from the USPS and will not be home for a period of time, put in a MAIL HOLD request.

My USPS Program 

The US Post Office have just launched a NEW program called My USPS.  This program provides the following benefits:

  • Inbound package visibility
  • Obtain delivery alerts via email and text
  • Request redelivery and more!
  • Many other features!






















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