How To Make Remedies To Clear the Effects of Poisons

Any poison including chemtrails can be made into a remedy to remove the energetic effects of that poison, and it can be done very simply with just a few instructions. First a little background..

Homeopathy is generally known as a method based on the law of similars, or "like cures like." In this case, we're technically not doing homeopathy but using an isode, the causative substance as the base of the remedy. But we're still using the law of similars.

You can take a material substance and change it slightly by energizing it so that it's similar to the original crude substance, not the same. "Like cures like," but sames do not cure sames .

The frequency of the remedy is similar to that of the original substance, but the amplitude would be different. When you use such a remedy, you're actually introducing an artificial disease which cancels out the existing disease -- disease meaning the poison's energetic impingement.

You can use a small sample of a substance you want to make a remedy out of, but if you can't get the substance itself, often something similar will work. For example, if you want a remedy for the effects of a particular pesticide but you don't have a sample of it, you can use a similar one, and it will likely work.

If the poison is something dispersed in the air, you can even take a sample of the air by taking a bottle that you're going to use for making the remedy and leaving it open to this air for a while.

(If it's not practical to make a remedy, you can buy Nux vomica from a health food store or homeopathic supplier, which is a good all-purpose cleanser.)

Here are the instructions for making remedies from water-soluble substances:

  1. Take a very clean, small dropper bottle (washed in very hot water or dishwasher). Around a 1 oz size is good.
  2. Put a small amount of the substance to be "potentized" that would amount to about one drop, into the bottle.
  3. Fill the bottle about 1/3 full (approximately 100 drops) of good quality water.
  4. Shake vigorously by pounding the bottle on your palm or a book as hard as you safely can, at least 25 times but ideally more like 75 times. This is called the 1st potency.
  5. Now empty out the water, which will leave at least one drop still clinging to the inside of the bottle. Fill the bottle 1/3 again, and repeat the shaking (succussion). Now you have the 2nd potency.
  6. For this purpose, it's best to repeat this procedure up to the 30th potency. Then your remedy is called "Pesticides 30C" or whatever the substance is.
  7. You can add a little vodka or the like, as a preservative.

One drop = one dose. Take as needed, up to several doses per day. If you take more than one drop at a time, it's still one dose.

Keep remedies away from strong EM fields around the house, like away from the computer, etc.

Once you get above the 12th potency, you no longer have even one molecule left of the original substance, so it's quite safe to take these remedies made from all kinds of poisonous substances.

For substances that are not water-soluble, you have to start by grinding the substance with approximately 100 parts of a solid substance, dextrose or lactose powder works best. Grind this up with a mortar and pestle, and then as you did before, dump out most of that mixture, take the one part left and grind it again with roughly 100 parts of powder. Do this up to the 3rd potency, and then you have a water-soluble substance that you can continue potentizing up the scale, with water as before.

30C (C means the dilution ratio is approximately 1:99) is a good potency for this purpose, although after you gain experience with this, you can try a 200C potency, even more powerful and taken less often. Homeopathic pharmacies have machines to do this, but it's a good workout to do it by hand

Many potentized poisons are available from homeopathic pharmacies, standard ones like arsenic, snake venom, etc. One good source is Homeopathy Overnight, www.homeopathyovernight.com.

But making remedies yourself allows you to use whatever offending substance you're exposed to, even if you don't know what it is. Plus you can make a remedy from any allopathic drug you might take.

Here are some suggestions when dealing with homeopathics:

  1. Don't store them around strong smelling substances, like eucalyptus or camphor, it can destabilize the remedy. Remember this if you're using essential oils in the house, to take the remedys out of the area.
  2. Try not to drink coffee while taking remedies. This can negate or dilute the effect. In a perfect world, you'd have nothing to eat or drink 15-30 minutes either side of taking the remedy. Also, in the event you need to "undo" the remedy, coffee is a neutralizer in many cases.
  3. Less is more. Sometimes the effect is instantaneous. I've seen croup cases in children lessened in minutes, when conventional medicine would put the child on a ventilator. A single remedy, if you get the right one, is powerful. Multi-substance remedies take a scattershot approach, which can be quite effective short term, but do not necessarily tackle the underlying health issues.
  4. They are very useful on your animals: cats, dogs, horses, etc., usually respond quite well to homeopathic remedies.