The New 2015 Eagle Guardian
Homeopathic Imprinter & Potentizer
A Homeopathic Breakthrough!

The Eagle Guardian provides a safe, non-invasive, and profoundly effective way to restore and balance the bodyís bio-energetic pathways. It is being hailed as one of the most exciting and promising discoveries in the fields of bio-energetics and vibrational medicine. With this new device and procedure, it is possible to imprint and greatly amplify the bodyís vibrational signature and apply it to the body in such a way as to stimulate restorative and healing processes. It is as if the Guardian provides the body with a clear signal or road map to the underlying causes of imbalance, such as harmful degenerative processes, micro-organisms, parasites, toxins, deficiencies, etc. Once the body has a clear signal, it can activate numerous healing processes. The Guardian does not actually heal; it lets the body do the work.

The Eagle Guardian is able to create a powerful homeopathic remedy from the userís body itself. The remedy contains a greatly amplified imprint of the individualís total bio-energetic signature (including any harmful vibrations present in a personís body), and can be stored in a small, glass vial. When this vial is worn on the body, it is able to continuously send an amplified signal to the body, repeatedly giving clear direction as to how to restore balance. With the Guardian, nothing needs to be ingested.

The Guardian:

  • The bodyís vibration can be imprinted multiple times, maintaining accuracy and effectiveness
  • A number of conditions can be worked on at once
  • Nothing has to be ingested
  • Durable construction with a built-in, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that will provide a lifetime of use
  • Water-resistant front label for easy cleaning
  • Easily used with multiple people or animals without changing programming or operations

New Accessory - SP3 Imprinting Plate - for Eagle Guardian!

(This new accessory is available from this website ONLY. The SP3 is not produced by the manufacturer of the Eagle Guardian. It is not available from any other distributor. The SP3 has been designed and manufactured exclusively based upon our research into enhancing energy products using the established principles of Ancient Geometry.)

This unique, powerful SP3 Imprinting Plate plugs directly into either the input or output jacks on the new Eagle Guardian. Based upon our research findings, combined with feedback from our beta testers, this newly-designed SP3 Imprinting Plate greatly enhances the effectiveness of the Eagle Guardian.

The SP3 incorporates the most important aspects of combining the principles of Ancient Geometry with the principles of Vortex Technology. This theory maintains that when a pathway of energy (from a line) crosses another pathway of energy (such as these fine copper tracings on the SP3 do), an energy vortex is created. The enhancing of power produced by an energy vortex might be compared to the difference between a breeze and a strong tornado (which is an example of an energy vortex found in the natural world).

There are three ways to purchase the Eagle Guardian and/or SP3 Imprinting Plate:

  1. Eagle Guardian - $845.00
    (includes all the FREE items listed below, and
    free shipping in the contiguous USA)

  2. SP3 by itself - $139.95
    (includes free shipping in the contiguous USA)

  3. Eagle Guardian and SP3 as a Special Package - $897.00
    (includes all the FREE items listed below, and
    free shipping in the contiguous USA)
    (a savings of $87.95 - the Best Value!)


  • The New 2015 Eagle Guardian Imprinter Instrument (6.25" x 3.75" x 1.75")
  • Six Small Glass Ampoule/Vials filled with the Inventor's imprinting solution
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • Owner's  Manual
  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • FREE 2" Stainless Steel Disk with 5' Cord
  • FREE! 2 Extra Ampoule/Vials filled with OUR powerful GOLD imprinting solution
  • FREE! 1 Deluxe Vial Pendant filled with OUR powerful GOLD imprinting solution

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*Shipping is FREE within the contiguous USA (Alaska and Hawaii extra), as part of our Special Package. We ship this special package DHL Insured Ground with Tracking Number (emailed to you).

Free Gift Vials! (from this website only)

For a limited time, all orders for the Eagle Guardian from this website will include 2 FREE EXTRA Ampoule/Vials and 1 FREE Deluxe Vial Pendant filled with our powerful gold imprinting solution.

2" Stainless Steel Disk with 5' Cord
FREE with Eagle Guardian Purchase!

These 2" stainless steel disk is designed to be an extension of the output plate of the Eagle Pro Remedy Maker and the Eagle Guardian Imprinter. The small size of the disk allows localized treatment of the affected area. If multiple problem areas exist, the disk can easily be moved to each location. The disk has been found to be very helpful in a variety of applications when used for extended periods.

For example, the first application was on a horse that had a damaged front knee joint. The veterinary doctor wanted to apply remedies to the horse while tied in his stall. After the disk was connected to a Pro Remedy Maker, the disk was placed on the horse's knee, bound with a remedy soaked bandage, and then wrapped in plastic to keep in the moisture. To start the healing process, remedies were placed on the remedy maker, and the unit was switched to the continuous mode. The disk allowed the horse to receive the healing remedies over a longer time.

This application was so successful that this type of method has been used for many similar applications that range from sore backs to sprained ankles. Each disk is supplied with a five foot connecting cord.

GB-4000 Basic Package - Buy Now Through Our Secure Server . . .
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Additional, optional accessories available for the Eagle Guardian and Eagle Pro Remedy Maker:

The Eagle's Nest

The Eagle's Nest is designed to provide a stable base for up to eight remedy vials. Not only will it keep remedies in place, the Eagle's Nest works with the Eagle Guardian and the Pro Remedy Maker to input remedies into the instruments. The Eagle's Nest helps keep the vials safe when continuously treating animals. It is also useful for overnight applications because it prevents the vials from moving or being dislodged from the Remedy Maker. Price: $139.95

Also available - The New 2015 Eagle Pro Remedy Maker

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