Quantum Vibrational Radio Biology

Deprogram and Reprogram

On this page you will find a very powerful procedure which works wonderfully well. It has been used effectively to heal hundreds of people over the past two decades. The simple exercise WILL change your life. You can use it on yourself, family, friends and animals. Some of the many reported effects of this energy balance are: permanently block the harmful effects of electro-magnetic radiation, heal yourself from the terrible effects of childhood or adult vaccinations, relieve pain, restore balance, eliminate illness, re-program cellular memory, restore brain synchronicity and many more. It seems to work by directly asking the human systems intelligence or higher self to do specific balancing and normalizing procedures.

Put your fingers on your forehead (or the person or animal you are balancing) as in the picture below and read ALOUD the following computer program:

"I use my fingers as lasers. I want 100% RNA (ribonucleic acid) made available. This is the memory chemical that translates DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) into a chemical response in the cells. I am transmitting at 25 volts 111 cycles on a carrier wave of 435 megacycles per second. Restore the natural cranial resonance to between 840 to 890 megacycles per second and clear the neural lattice of entrainment and intrusion from whatever origin. Bring the immune system up to 100% optimum functioning.

Under the auspices of 9 iterated 9 + C, Purple, G Major, my field now will:

  • Obey the harmonic of 6879 5589 8998.

  • Compute -238 millivolts negative electrical potential throughout the body fluid.

  • Obey the light equation so that this body/mind field will take advantage of moving through the DNA unzipping angle of 7 degrees 20 minutes of arc on a 360 degree arc at twice the speed of light to leave the old body behind that has been damaged by negative emotions.

  • Adjust the bite and occlusion at any time there is interference from chemicals
           (including chemtrails), dental procedures, accidents, inoculations and switching."

Quantum Radio Biology Energy Balance...Do This Everyday!