Sensor Vortex Energy Plate
Hyper Dimensional Golden Ratio Vortex Antennas

Sensor Gold Plated Vortex Energy Plate
Front side: counter-clockwise spiral
Back side: clockwise spiral
Approximately 3.1" in diameter

   The Sensor Vortex Energy Plate is a unique energy tool designed to balance the energy systems, relieve stress, normalize the nervous system, and enhance the feelings of joy, peace, vitality, and promote well-being. The Sensor Vortex Energy Plate is designed around a powerful "Golden Ratio" vortex antenna array. For more information about the "Golden Ratio", click HERE.

   This powerful toroidal design was used by Dr. Patrick Flanagan in the 1970's and 1980's in the creations of his experimental Sensor Discs, as shown to the right. The Sensor was developed by scientifically measuring the cosmic energy which is continually broadcast from the capstone of a properly designed and magnetically aligned pyramid (based on the sacred geometry and physical measurements of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt). The Sensor is a very powerful little device and can effect any living organic material (including humans) in positive and beneficial ways. If one puts a sensor around the neck, the energy level of the carrier raises itself clearly. The sensor can concentrate as much energy as a two meter high pyramid, and works as resonator for life energy.

   The effect of the sensor was scientifically confirmed. Dr. Philip Callahan of the University of Florida who examined the sensor by means of one "nearly Fourrier transformation infrared of spectrometer' and certified in its effectiveness as resonator for FIR energies - infrared energy in the wavelength coverage of 1 to 10 Micron. In addition, the studies showed that this exact power spectrum is particularly important for biological processes in all living systems. Also, NASA had worked in the context of the space program with FIR energies.

   The FIR energies generated by the sensor are said to have the following effects:

  • Gentle increase of the koerpertemperatur

  • Increased blood circulation and thereby increased energy reserves of the body

  • Accelerated metabolic exchange between blood and body fabric

  • Increase of the defense forces

  • Support of the optimal function of the entire nervous system

  • Protection from the possible negative effects by electromagnetic radiation

Some suggested experimental uses:

  • A new geometrically harmonious way to apply Rife frequencies

  • Use as a powerful, directional, hyper-dimensional antenna for radionic instruments

  • Restoring normal form and function to human and animal energy and pranic systems

  • Restoring natural environmental harmony

  • Enhance acupuncture and meridian therapy

  • Charging, transforming and restructuring homeopathics, water and food

  • Neutralizing the harmful effects of food additives, chemicals, and pesticides

  • Accelerated plant growth research

  • Cleansing and balancing the Chakras

  • Enhance meditation and sleep patterns

  • Counter the effects of negative energies which cause stress on the energetic body

  • Program and charge crystals

  • Experiment with pain relief

  • Rebalance and revive yourself

  • Boost your energy level

  • Vibrational medicine applications

  • Experiment with advanced Feng Shui energy manipulation

  • Distant healing and non-local quantum field research

  • Sports performance and energy enhancement application

   The Sensor Vortex Energy Plate may be used in many different ways:

1. Connect to an audio or electronic device: The Sensor Vortex Energy Plate can be connected to a GB-4000 Frequency Generator or any frequency generator which has an RF (Radio Frequency) output creating a hyper-dimensional vortex transmitter with stunning results. The Sensor Vortex Energy Plate amplifies and expands the effect of music, subliminal, affirmation and meditation CD's and cassettes five to 20 times, when connected to stereo equipment. (GB-4000 not included)

2. Place the Sensor anywhere you wish to harmonize the surrounding environment: The Sensor Vortex Energy Plate does NOT have to be connected to anything to work! The generated field is self-sustaining, meaning that the modulator can simply be held in the hand or placed against any desired area of the subject or substance.
3. The Sensor may be worn as a medallion: The Sensor Vortex Energy Plate has two pre-drilled holes so that you can attach a chain and wear the SP Sensor as a powerful energy medallion (chain not included).

Nuclear Vortex Energy Shown Above

Here's what you receive with your Sensor Vortex Energy Plate Experimenters Kit:

  • Sensor Vortex Energy Plate Circuit Board Module (approximately 3.1" in size)

  • Guidelines for experimental use including special chart showing the 12 secret "Solfeggio" frequencies (four pages)

Price is $49 and includes FREE shipping in the USA!

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