SP 12 Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate
Hyper-Dimensional Vortex Antenna for Silent Broadcasting

SP 12 Front side enhanced with 12 gold-plated, super powerful triangulated neodymium magnets which are polarized with the -NEGATIVE NORTH radiating through the back side. The SP 12 is ideally suited for use with radionic instruments and can be used as a powerfully directional, hyper-dimensional vortex antenna.

The SP 12 Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate is enhanced with four bio-geometrical energy signatures (one in each corner of the board). Bio-geometrical energy signatures are based on the research or Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Russell P. Blake and Marko Rodin. This basic design, first called the Quantum Energiser, appeared in 1990 on the Internet by a designer called Starhaven for Borderlands. Since that time there have been several variations produced throughout the world. These energy signature designs seem to greatly amplify beneficial energies and neutralize detrimental energies.


   The SP 12 Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate is a unique energy tool designed to investigate the effects of geometrically applied frequencies on various systems. The SP 12 Vortex Energy Plate is designed around vortex based mathematics.

   According to Konstantine Meyl in his book "Scalar Waves", information is a type of energy which is organized into cybernetic (biofeedback) energy vortex patterns or 4 dimensional energy vortex matrix holograms (Spatial: x,y,z and time) which look like a collection of energy swirls and patterns of both uncoiled vortex energy waves and coiled quantized energy particles that our spirit, brain, and body senses, interprets, and remembers as data. These scalar waves are sometimes known as Aetheron Flux Monopole Emanations, or “Aetherons”.

   The SP 12 Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate operates in either of two primary modes:

  1. Connect to a frequency generator, audio or electronic device (wires and CD player not included): The SP 12 Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate can be attached via 2 wires to a GB-4000 Frequency Generator, Life Force 2000, Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer, any computer system, stereo system, CD player (the resistance is 14-17 ohm), or other Rife Machine, creating a hyper-dimensional vortex transmitter with stunning results. The SP 12 Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate amplifies and expands the effect of music, subliminal, affirmation and meditation CD's and cassettes five to 20 times, when connected to stereo equipment.

  2. Place the SP 12 anywhere you wish to harmonize the surrounding environment: The SP 12 Vortex Frequency Imprinting Plate does NOT have to be connected to anything to work! The generated field is self-sustaining, meaning that the modulator can simply be held in the hand or placed against any desired area of the subject or substance.

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