The Healing Chant of Hideo Izumoto
(The 47 Words of God)

Here are the words to the ancient magical-like HEALING chant-song-prayer my friend shared with me several days ago. Given to her by Shinto priest Hideo Izumoto in a recent gathering. It is powerful! You SING the words slowly, deliberately. First time I sang it, I felt a very labored strained feeling in my chest, like a very heavy weight, a pulling, like lifting a thousand pounds. It was soooo HARD to just get through it. In two days that labored, almost painful feeling was gone. Checking with my friend, I found she had the same experience, except she also felt pains in her back, knee and other places. We did a 3-way conference and called priest Hideo about it. He congratulated us and confirmed what we figured out: that the pain was a sign that the singing was healing us, clearing away imbalances within.

On the 3rd day, while I was in a park doing my daily SunGazing at sunrise, a tiny (humming?) bird chimed in with me. Perching itself on a nearby branch close to me, singing out its leetle heart. By my 4th day of singing the chant (I do it throughout the day; it is so pleasurable), I noticed to my amazement I no longer needed to wear my glasses when driving. Plus my nearsighted vision has become perfect. The same thing occured with my friend! She no longer needs to wear her glasses. Before we even knew about this chant, we both had prayed daily for "Clarity," amongst other things.

Since I started chant-singing 6 days ago, I now wake up feeling completely rested and alert. The chant-singing apparently diminishes / removes anxiety. I am confident that as I continue, my imbalances on all levels with be smoothed away. The words seem to HELP EVERYTHING. You can direct the energy to any part of your body, or any situation. I read on one of the sites that the words were brought to humanity as a gift, brought by angels.

Call her up and she can play it for you while you record it on your machine, etc. He has I think at least two dvds. You may call him too; his cell number is published:

Here are the words (The dashes --- indicate take a breath. The last syllable, ³Kay² is drawn way out):

Hi Fumi --- Yo I Mu Na Ya --- Kotomo Chi Lo Lane Shi Ki Lu --- Yu I Tsu Wanu --- So O Ta Ha Kumeka U O E --- Nisali Hete --- Nomasu A Se E Holeke

Pronounciation (spelled the way it sounds in Japanese):

Hee FuMee -- Yo Eee MuUu Na Ya -- KoToMo Chee Lo LahNay Shee Kee Lu -- Yu Eee TsuU WaNu -- So O Ta Ha KuMayka U O Ay --NeeSahLeEee HayTay --NoMaSu Ah Say Ay Holay-KAYYY..

Meaning of the Chant PrayerSong

(Hi Fumi --- Yo I Mu Na Ya --- Kotomo Chi Lo Lane): We are gods and creators. We create everything in the Universe for us and it belongs only to us and forever.

(Shi Ki Lu --- Yu I Tsu Wanu --- So O Ta Ha Kumeka): We practice Freedom, Truth, Love, Beauty and Happiness, Advancement and actually becoming God Beings.

(U O E --- Nisali Hete --- Nomasu A Se E Holeke): We live together forever, for our happiness and advancement. Thank you God, for every one, every thing, and for me.

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Sincerely, DRE