Flax Meal and Oil and the Prevention/Treatment of Cancer

The following Blog essays were written on June 8 and 9, 2005, on the Grouppe Kurosawa web site. These essays present solid evidence that nutritional or dietary factors can not only prevent but successfully treat breast and other cancers.


A Single Flax Seed Muffin Per Day Reduces Her2 Expression by 71% in Women With Breast Cancer After Only 32 Days.

This is the single most astonishing scientific article I have ever read. I would like to thank Catherine from the GK Discussion Group for putting the Bug up my butt about the wonders of flax seed and its oil. I grind up flax seed and put it on yogurt all the time, but I had NO idea the stuff was this powerful.

I have a full copy of this scientific paper and the data are truly remarkable. In brief, women newly diagnosed with breast cancer were given a daily single muffin to eat that contained 25 grams of ground flax seeds. Controls got a wheat muffin. After a little more than 30 days, the women eating the single muffin per day saw the cell growth index of their breast cancer cells decrease by 34%, the expression of the dreaded cancer growth receptor Her2 (c-erbB2) decrease by 71%, and the apoptosis or self-suicide index of their breast cancer cells increase by 31%. If a new drug did this, the company's stock would increase 500 fold in one day and the news would be all over the newswires. These results weren't attained by a drug, but by one of God's Medicines, good ole dirt cheap flaxseeds.

Isn't this amazing? In one month, one muffin a day caused 31% of the cancer cells, on average, to die.


Here is the real interesting part. Both the flax oil and the natural lignan precursors in flaxseed were necessary to achieve these results. Flaxseed contains 100 to 800 times more lignan precursors than any other plant food in the vegetarian diet. Lignans are produced in the intestines by bacteria that convert the flax precursors into different lignan molecules. These lignans then readily enter the blood. There is an exact correlation between the amount of flaxseed ingested and the amount of lignans found in the blood. This means that consuming more flaxseed can increase the levels of anti-cancer lignans in the blood.

What do lignans do? Frankly, the list goes on and on. They compete with estrogen for binding to its receptors, they are anti-angiogenesis factors (they stop blood vessel growth into tumors), etc. I will do a more complete computer search in the next few days.

What is really exciting is that flaxseed kills breast cancer cells regardless if they possess estrogen receptors or not. This means the flaxseed protocol is NOT particular to estrogen dependent breast cancer. In fact, it is probably not particular to breast cancer at all. It's looking more and more like a general cancer preventative and treatment, and for pennies per day. This is amazing...


In the following study human breast cancer cells implanted into immune deficient mice were substantially growth inhibited if the mice were fed flaxseed. This study shows that flaxseed induced the downregulation of insulin like growth factor 1, and epidermal growth factor in these cells, two major growth factors for cancer cells of all types. This is similar to the downregulation of the Her2 receptor reported in the first study. Of further note, the incidence of metastasis of these breast cancer cells to the lungs was reduced by 89%. And the hits just keep on coming...


Angiogenesis is the growth of blood vessels. Simple. But the growth of blood vessels into tumors provides them with food, and oxygen and removes waste so its a process that should be stopped if at all possible. Tumor cells secrete angiogenesis factors such as VEGF, or vascular endothelial growth factor, which induces the formation of blood vessels into the tumors. Half the cancer-based scientific community, it seems that many anyway, is trying to turn off this process. Well, here is the bad news for the biotech community...flaxseed inhibits cancer metastasis and does so partially through the inhibition of VEGF release from cancer cells. Incredible!!


In the final study, flaxseed products were shown to reduce the metastasis of melanoma cells, one of the MOST metastatic of all cancers. Clearly, flaxseed inhibits the growth of all cancer cells, some more than others perhaps. In the future, you are going to see more and more studies on the use of flaxseed to both prevent and treat a wide variety of cancers. The revolution has cleary begun and you heard it all here first. Hang on for the ride...


Now, its muffin making time.

Flaxseed Lignan Precursors In the previous post, I cited some very exciting evidence that flaxseed meal, baked into muffins, could actually kill a substantial number of breast cancer cells in newly dignosed women. This careful study was done in women and confirmed by before and after biopsies. I absolutely cannot think of anything more exciting for the preventation AND treatment of breast cancer.

This Blog is to provide a little background information on what is going on biochemically.

Flaxseed contains the highest concentrations of different lignan precursors molecules than any other plant. When these precursors are eaten, bacteria in the gut convert them into biologically active molecules like the phytoestrogens enterodiol and enterolactone. These are the biologically active lignans and they are rapidly transported across the intestinal wall into the blood.

There are animals called "germ-free", kept in highly clean facilities, that have NO bacteria in their bodies...anywhere. When these rats are fed flaxseed, the active lignans are not made. Clearly, bacteria are turning flaxseed precursors into powerful natural medicines.


It stands to reason that for flaxseed to be of maximal benefit, we need to take care of our gut bacteria. This sounds like a dumb comment but it isn't. The scientific evidence is clear. If you take antibiotics on a routine basis, smoke, have frequent bowl movements, or eat a great deal of fat, your intestinal bacteria will be killed. If you cannot drop your fat intake, stop smoking, or stay off "the pot", you will need to consume acidophyllus milk or live culture yogurt. This is a must. Besides, you need the calcium for proper health anyway. If you are lactose intolerant, you can purchase capsules of free dried intestinal bacteria.

There is a huge scientific database on the role of lignans in health. Most of these studies have been in animals or epidemiological studies in humans. These human studies are statistical. For example, a group of people in an area in Germany or elsewhere may be studied for their intake of flaxseed and other grains and the future incidence of cancer they might experience.

In general, lignans protect against breast cancer in premenopausal women. There really is no protection for postmenopausal women or for men with respect to prostate cancer. Clearly, lignans are blocking the estrogen II receptor and protecting against hormone dependent breast cancers. Great news.

But the news is actually better than you think. These statistical studies followed people in their usual routine. This means the scientists did not tell them what to eat. They just recorded what they eat. Most people do NOT eat flaxseed or even use flax oil. They eat other grains that contain 100-800 times LESS lignan precursors. Next, there is a difference between preventing a disease and treating one.

The grains these people ate were probably at a MUCH lower level than the 25 grams of flaxmeal consumed by the breast cancer women. Yet these lower levels were associated with a reduction in estrogen dependent cancers. There was no protection against postmenopausal breast cancers or prostate cancer. Clearly, only low levels of lignans need to be present to block the estrogen II receptor. BUT, the lignans in flaxmeal DO kill estrogen negative breast cancer cells. They also kill melanoma cells and probably many other types as well. Its a question of dose, my friends.

The more flaxmeal you consume, the more lignans enter the body. This is what the Canadian scientists did. 25 grams of flaxseed contains a huge amount of lignan precursors. Why not take 50 grams of flaxseed a day in the form of muffins or smoothies (see next blog)? The stuff is definitely not toxic and it could save your life no matter what kind of cancer you have. It is very clear that these lignans are blocking powerful growth factor receptors like EGF, Her2, Insulin like growth factor-1, and VEGF, the hormone responsible for stimulating blood vessels into tumors. These lignan effects have nothing to do with estrogen. It just so happens they are incredibly effective at blocking estrogen II receptors at very low doses. They also appear to be weak aromatase inhibitors.

Some smoothie recipes to follow that use flaxmeal. Very yummy.

Flaxmeal Smoothies

Here are some delicious flax meal recipes compliments of Catherine, a member of the Grouppe Kurosawa Discussion group.

Keep in mind that 25 grams of flaxseed is about 1/8 of a cup or 4 tablespoons. These seeds MUST be ground as fine as possible in a coffee grinder. Flaxseed contains a great deal of oil so the consistency of the meal will not be like flour. But it must be ground into the finest meal possible. Otherwise, our friends, the gut bacteria, will not be able to convert the pre-lignans into active lignans.

As I said previously, eat as much flaxmeal as you like, especially if you have cancer. It can only help you. I have been grinding up flaxmeal and putting it on live culture yogurt for years. I had no idea I was a trailblazer. Also, buy some flax oil. It's only sold in health food stores and must be refrigerated. Also, do NOT grind up flaxseed and put it in a jar for storage, even in the frig. Grind up what you need fresh. I am worried about the flax oil in the meal going bad. Just color me cautious.

Here are Catherine's recipes. There are some additional references at the end. If you have new recipes to contribute, contact me at smartin@grouppekurosawa.net

Chocolate Smoothie

8-12 oz. organic chocolate milk
1/8 cup flaxseeds ground into meal in a coffee grinder
1 tblsp (non-lignan) flaxseed oil
crushed ice

Concord Grape Smoothie

8-12 oz. Concord grape juice (or other non-citrus fruit juice)
1/8 cup flaxseeds ground into meal in a coffee grinder
1 tblsp (non-lignan) flaxseed oil
crushed ice
add any type of other/frozen berries as desired

Cherry Power Smoothie

1/2 cup grape juice1/2 cup cherry juice (optional)1 1/2 cups frozen, dark cherries
1 sliced banana
1 cup plain organic yogurt (active culture)
1/4 cup ground flaxseed
2-4 tblsp flaxseed oil
2 tblsp raw wheat germ
1-2 tblsp honey
Put everything in a blender, blend 2 minutes. Makes 2 tall glasses.

Pineapple-Strawberry Smoothie

1 1/2 cups chilled pineapple juice
1/8 cup flaxseed ground into meal
2 tblsp flaxseed oil
8 tblsp organic yogurt
10 frozen strawberries
crushed ice
In a blender, combine ingredients in the order listed and puree to a smooth consistency, adding crushed ice as needed.

Breakfast Muesli

1/8 cup flaxseeds ground in a coffee grinder
1 tblsp (non-lignan) flaxseed oil
˝ cup of cottage cheese
Add any or all:
coarsely ground flaxseed
shredded coconut
diced apples or other fresh fruit
sliced bananas
chopped walnuts or other nuts (not peanuts)
diced dates, raisins or other dried fruit

(If you use fresh or canned pineapple, you must eat the Muesli right away because the acid in pineapple causes the oil to taste bitter if not eaten immediately.)

Flaxseed Oil Kit—How to Grind Your Own Delicious Flaxseed http://www.wheatgrasskits.com/flaxkit.htm

The Flaxmeal Revolution Has Begun. Volunteers Wanted

The only way to prove the efficacy of flaxmeal as a true treatment protocol for a wide variety of cancers and leukemias is to test it in volunteers. Grouppe Kurosawa is the only organization that can conduct and coordinate these tests in a timely manner, and at no real cost to anyone.

There is no shortage of men and women out there, across the world, that either refuse modern medical treatment or have no access to medical treatment at all. We want volunteers from this category to test the efficacy of flaxseed dietary products on cancer and other diseases. Flaxseed cannot be found in most grocery stories in the US. But it can be found in almost all health food stores, as can flax seed oil.

I bought some flaxseed a week ago and the organic form cost $1.45 a pound USD. Flax oil is more expensive, but it's used in very small quantities. It is not absolutely necessary to use flax seed oil anyway since the freshly ground meal contain substantial qualtities of oil.

The idea that inexpensive, common flax seed meal and oil is that powerful against breast cancer growth is frankly a difficult concept to grasp. I am obviously great believer and promotor of natural medicines, but I never expected to see data like that reported by those wonderful Canadian doctors. I had to read their scientific paper three times and I STILL couldn't believe it. I am now semi-buried in scientific abstracts and papers on the subject of natural lignans and health. Now I believe it, the data doesn't lie. The clouds in my mind are clearing.

We need medical volunteers and we need chef contributors to formulate flaxmeal and oil recipes that even children will readily consume. Remember, childhood cancer/leukemia is one of our major priorities, but children aren't going to eat anything that tastes bad.

So let's get going. Contact me at smartin@grouppekurosawa.net  http://grouppekurosawa.com