The Caveman Diet

Caveman Diet - Paleolithic Eating - PaleoFood

Eat none of the following:
∑ Grains- including bread, pasta, noodles
∑ Beans- including string beans, kidney beans, lentils, peanuts, snow-peas and peas
∑ Potatoes
∑ Dairy products
∑ Sugar
∑ Salt

Eat the following:
∑ Meat, chicken and fish
∑ Eggs
∑ Fruit
∑ Vegetables (especially root vegetables, but definitely not including potatoes or sweet potatoes)
∑ Nuts, eg. walnuts, brazil nuts, macadamia, almond. Do not eat peanuts (a bean) or cashews (a family of their own)
∑ Berries- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc.

Try to increase your intake of:
∑ Root vegetables- carrots, turnips, parsnips, rutabagas, Swedes
∑ Organ meats- liver and kidneys (I accept that many people find these unpalatable and wonít eat them)

Expect some minor tuning problems- donít worry, you can deal with them:
∑ It will take some time for your body to adjust to the changes after all these years. There is a huge surge in your vitamin intake. There is a huge decrease in your toxin intake.

∑ Start with breakfast for few days, as this is the easiest place to start as most people eat it at home, and it tends to be the least Paleolithic meal of the standard 3. For weight loss you will eventually need to reduce your carbohydrate intake, but ignore this initially as most people have high carb intakes and this can continue for the first few days that you are on this diet. If you reduce too quickly then you may fell unwell. Then move on to lunch or dinner for a few days and then to all 3 meals. If you work, you will often find it easier to take your lunch to work.