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30 MHz 1 to 15-Watt Linear Amplifier

                       Now increased to 15-Watts power output.

         4 hookups - Built to work exclusively with the “GB-4000”

            Even though the “GB-4000” works great

         alone, many people have asked if it was possi-
         ble to increase the 3.7-watt power output of the

         “GB-4000.”                                                 One of the great features of the “SR-4” is
            With this in mind, we developed the “SR-4”          more hookups. The “SR-4” now has four sets of
         amplifier with a 1 to 15 watts variable power out-     hookups for multiple users. All of the positive out

         put capability controlled by the “GB-4000.” It can     hookups are connected together and all of the
         be run 24/7 without any concern of overheating.        negative out hookups are connect together so it

            Function generators cannot put out 15 watts         does not matter which one you use.
         but a separate connectable amplifier can. To get           If you are considering purchasing the “GB-
         the power output of the “SR-4” amplifier all you       4000” and want to have the advantages of the

         have to do is connect the “GB-4000” to it with a       “SR-4” 1 to 15-watt power output amplifier then
         BNC cable. The amplifier then amplifies the “GB-       all you have to do is order it when you purchase

         4000’s” frequencies from 1 to 15 watts output.         the “GB-4000.”
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