Your Influence in this Vibrational Universe

(Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop Recordings)

Usually our physical friends are not at one with the idea of contrast, because most still believe some version of "the world is not as it should be, and we have, or you have, or all have come forth in order to make the world a better place... to right the wrongs and get rid of the bad stuff." But from your broader Nonphysical Perspective, you do not see this time/space reality as broken or inferior or as something that is supposed to become something else. Instead, you see it as a delightful, balanced, contrasting experience that is the best of anything that you know for bringing a focuser, like you, to a place of focus.

Contrast is essential to new decisions -- and a new decision is that leading edge thought that takes thought beyond that which it has been before.

Without contrast, you could not focus Energy, and focusing of Energy is nothing more than coming to conclusions, or becoming decisive. And since everything is about Energy, and since you are molders, or focusers, of Energy, nothing will ever be more exhilarating or satisfying to you than to sift, or sort, through contrast, find a clear decision from the contrast, focus upon that which you have decided and align with the decision -- and then feel the Energy, that creates worlds, flowing through you for the Creation of that which you are holding as your focus.

Most of you still are at your happiest when conditions are at their best, for most of you are still primarily observing the conditions. And it is our desire to assist you in setting your own Tone, so that no matter what the conditions are, that you may observe, they will not influence you to a vibration different from your Source Vibration. That is the ultimate physical experience: Be so well connected with your Core Energy that no matter what you see, or observe, it does not drag you off into the bushes into a vibration that is foreign to who you really are.

We want, very much, for you to come to the conscious knowing that you are Creators and that what a Creator is, is one who focuses Energy. We want you to come to feel the oneness of your physical perspective and your Nonphysical Perspective. We want you to feel the fun and the clarity and the passion and the enthusiasm and the fulfillment of being a physical being focused in this physical body, using your focusing mechanism, your very individual perspective, to focus Energy. We want you to feel the hands-on creating that molding Energy really is. We want you to begin to direct Energy on purpose and to know, by the way you feel, how you are directing it, how in alignment with Source Energy you are to begin with, and how much of the Source Energy -- that you are summoning through your desire -- that you are allowing to flow toward your object of Creation. The Universe is vibrationally based, and you -- as physical extensions of this Nonphysical Energy that has created all of this -- are vibrational beings too. Everything vibrates, and everything is communicating and reacting, responding and integrating with other things that are vibrating.

Most have not been taught to be aware of Energy. Instead, you have been taught to pay attention to the results of how others have flowed Energy. So you are evaluating the results and reacting to the results and cataloging and pigeonholeing the results, but it is a rare physical being who, in the moment of the Energy flow, is aware of what he is doing.

The universe is vibrationally based, and you -- as physical extensions of this Nonphysical Energy that has created all of this -- you are vibration itself. You are vibrational beings too.

Everything is about Energy, and everything is about vibration. Everything vibrates, and everything is communicating and reacting, responding and integrating with other things that are vibrating. In other words, this is a Vibrational Universe that we are all a part of.

Everything is vibrating, and as you give your attention to it, and hold your attention upon it for as little as 17 seconds, whatever its vibration is, begins to be included in your vibrational mix. And so, as that which you give your attention to is included in your vibration, your vibration is then affected by that which you are giving your attention to. And as your vibration is affected by whatever it is you are giving your attention to -- the entire Universe now responds to your vibrational output differently than it did before.

Your Sixth Vibrational Sense

In your physical environment, you have become accustomed to translating vibration into meaning for yourself, in many ways. Your physical senses are, without exception, vibrational translators. In other words, what you see with your eyes is a physical interpretation of vibration. What you hear with your ears is a physical interpretation of vibration. Now, that isn't quite so hard to understand, is it? You've come to know that vibration and sound are same, and so that's easy for you to accept. Through your radio and telephone and television airwaves, you understand that vibration can be translated into things that your physical senses can understand. But what we want you to hear from us is that you have a sensor within you that understands and translates, for you, even the most subtle of Universal Vibrations. Since the Universe, in which you live, even this physical extension of the Nonphysical Source, is all vibrational, then when you come to understand that what you are feeling is telling you about vibration -- then, for the first time, you become powerful in your own experience.

Most people are not powerful in their own experience because they are observing only with their eyes or ears or nose, or fingers. They are using their physical sensors to observe. And as they are observing, they take on that vibration. That vibration, whatever it is that they are observing, good or bad, is now radiating within them. It now becomes part of their point of attraction, and they are now affected by it, profoundly.

When Observers Become Bombers

Most do not understand that they can set a Tone that will keep them from taking on all those different vibrations. And so, most feel absolutely susceptible, or vulnerable, to whatever vibration is out there. That's why you cower and defend. That's why you feel vulnerable and defensive. That's why you have all of those laws and rules that bog you down. That's why you bomb those who don't understand you. That's why you isolate yourself from those who are different. Because, as long as you feel susceptible to their vibrations - then you want to limit their vibrations. If you can't control your own vibration, then you want to control what other people do. Because, as you see them doing things that are upsetting to you, and you believe that the only way you can feel good is if you don't see things that make you feel bad, then that's a tricky trap. Isn't it? So we want to give you a basis of understanding of how this all works.

The Powerful Law of Attraction

Everything is vibrational, and the way you attract, or the way you are allowing, things into your experience - is by the powerful Law of Attraction. It is really the only law that is worth spending much time talking about, because everything happens by Law of Attraction. What Law of Attraction says is, "Those vibrations that are same, come together." In other words, "That which is like unto itself is drawn". Whenever you are offering a vibration, other things in your physical Universe that are vibrating in that same vibration - you and those things now have a relationship. Whenever the transmitter of a radio signal sends out a signal, and whenever you tune your tuner to the same signal - you can hear what they are saying, and the same sort of thing is happening to you on an unconscious, vibrational level all the time. When you offer a thought, the thought is vibrating, and - you offer this vibrating thought, other thoughts that are like it, you now have access to.

In order to really understand Law of Attraction, we want to give you this one simple example, because once you get this, everything else will begin to make more sense to you: Law of Attraction means inclusion. In other words, there's no such thing as "law of detraction". There is no such thing as "law of get it away from me". There's no such thing as "law of exclusion". There's no such thing of "law of no, I do not want that". There is only inclusion, and what that means is, whatever I am giving my attention to, I am including in my experience.

Attention To It Includes It

When I see something I want and I look at it and I spend as short a time as 17 seconds observing it, feeling it, being a part of it, talking about it, giving my attention to it ... and I say "Yes" to this thing I want, I am including this thing I want in my vibration. It literally becomes a part of my signal, which means, by Law of Attraction, now I have more access to that. But when I see things that I don't want and I say "No" to them. "Get away from me. I want you not, burglar or murderer or disease or this unwanted thing..." when you observe this thing that you do not want, in your shouting of "No" at it, you are including this thing that you do not want in your vibration. When you say "Yes' to something, you include it. When you say, "No' to something, you include it. It is attention to it that includes it.

So here you are, bless your hearts, moving around in your physical environment, looking all over the place, including all kinds of things in your vibration, and then wondering, "Why is this happening to me? Why isn't that happening to me?" Once you get it that the Universe is responding absolutely, utterly, sensitively, to the vibration that you are offering, and once you begin to understand how to offer your vibration on purpose - now you are in absolute control on purpose -- now you are in absolute control of your experience. You are an extension of your Source Energy, fulfilling your reason for being.

You Are A Creator

The Energy of your Source - some call it Soul, some call it God Force - this Source Energy is flowing to you and through you at all times. It is the Creative Energy that continues to Create. And you are a Creator, like a vortex or a channel or a vessel, intending to take this Stream of Energy that Creates worlds and funnel it, through your desire, for further extension of Creation.

Have you heard it said, "Ask and it is given?" Well, what that means is, when, through your physical experience and through this powerful and wonderful contrast that you live, you come upon a new conclusion or a new decision or a new desire... when that desire is within you, even if you do not speak it with your words, the Universal Energy begins to flow toward your desire - and if you are a vibrational match to your desire, it happens quickly.

Often, you are not a vibrational match to your own desire because your desire was born out of contrast. In other words, let's say that you are sick, and in your discomfort you begin to say things like, "Oh, I wish I were well. I really want to be well again," but your attitude is, "I am sick." That's your mood, "I'm sick." That's the way you feel, "I'm sick." So, from that place of not feeling good, from your place of sickness, you say, "I want wellness. Why does the Universe not answer my request? What's all this garbage about 'Ask and it is given'? I've been asking and asking and asking and I still am sick."

The Formula for Creating says: Identify your desire and then be sure that you are a vibrational match to your desire. So that the signal that you are offering is signal. So that when you are offering the signal of wellness, then wellness becomes your experience. Then you say, "Well, Abraham, that's easy to do for someone who is already feeling well. It's easy to offer the vibration of wellness when I am well. But how do I offer the vibration of wellness when I am sick? And we say, by remembering when you were well, by imagining that you are well, by pretending that you are well, by de-emphasizing the fact that you are sick and re-emphasizing the feeling of wellness. That is your work. In other words, that's what Creative endeavor is about.

You did not come forth just to regurgitate what-is: You did not say, "I'll go forth and look around, and as I look I'll vibrate and as I vibrate I'll create, and whatever will be, will be. There's good. There's bad. And I'll just look all around. I'll be very objective. I'll be very balanced. I'll see bad things and I'll create bad things, and I'll see good things and I'll create good things." You did not say that anymore than you said, "I will eat food that tastes bad as much as I eat food that tastes good."

You said, "I will go forth, and through my experience I will conclude what I desire. And once I have come to the conclusion of what I desire, I will achieve vibrational harmony with that - and by Law of Attraction, it will then he my experience.'

It is our desire to assist you in understanding how it is that you offer your vibration. We want to help you to become conscious of the vibration that you are offering, and to help you offer a vibration that does match your desire, because when you do, the Universe must deliver to you that which is the object of your desire. And, in time, and not so long from now, you will be one who is not so fixated on the Creation of the thing - but you will be one who is fascinated with the process of the energy flowing through you.

Enjoy The Process

It's wonderful to create all of those things. We want you to have everything that you want. We want every idea that comes to you to manifest in your experience. But we do not necessarily want it to happen quickly - because we want you to enjoy the process of creation. In other words, if you could, in this moment, think of whatever you want and have it instantly he manifested, you would find yourself instantly bored. What brings life, is the Press of life flowing through you. It's the feeling of the Energy flowing through you. It's the process of Creation that is life.

When you see something you want and you hold your attention on it and you give birth to a new idea - that new idea literally summons Life Force to itself through you. That's what that feeling of passion is. But if you give birth to an idea, and as it begins to summon Life Force to itself through you, you begin to doubt it or worry about it or test it... now what happens is you are no longer a match to your own desire. So while it's doing it's best to summon Life Force to itself, for the completion of your idea, you are vibrationally out of sync with it now because you're including opposite vibration within you. So even though it begins to summon, you don't feel very good in the process because the Energy that is flowing through you is being hindered by the contradictory Energy that is within you. That's what negative emotion is.

Negative emotion is what you feel like when you introduce a lower, slower vibration to a higher, faster frequency.

Once you understand what it feels like to summon Energy and what it feels like to summon a lot of Energy and to allow the Energy to flow, once you begin to, through your own trial and error, decipher Energy as you summon it and as you allow it to flow - you will never again receive, by default or by not recognizing, something that you are not wanting.

When Negative Emotion Feels Normal

if you have negative emotion, which is your indicator that in this moment you are not vibrationally up to speed with your Source Energy, and if you don't realize you have the negative emotion because, after all, as to most of you, negative emotion has begun to feel rather normal... In other words, isn't it normal to feel a little ornery or a little aggravated or a little overwhelmed? And so, as you acclimate to a feeling of negative emotion, what you're actually doing is acclimating to a lower vibration. You are actually becoming accustomed to a vibration that's not up to speed with clarity. It's not up to speed with wellness. It's not up to speed with abundance. It's not up to speed with who you really are. it is up to speed with what many are living, and it is up to speed with what you are observing a good deal of the time - but it is not up to speed with who you really are. But, because it feels normal to you, your Guidance System isn't as alert and alive, and so you don't receive the benefit of your magnificent cent Guidance System.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not allow or accept or tolerate long-standing negative emotion. Instead, we would use negative emotion in the way you all intended. We would feel it and know it for what it is: As an indicator that, in this moment, I have my attention upon something that is not in vibrational harmony with who I really am or with what I am wanting. Not forever, but in this moment. Or for as long as I hold this belief or attitude or attention to this lower vibration.

Imagine a room fan blowing air in your direction. It's quiet. You can't hear it, but you know it's on because you can feel the air blowing across your body. Now stick your pencil in the fan. It would make quite a ruckus, Wouldn't it? It might even chop your pencil off. Well, that pencil in the fan is what negative emotion is. When you introduce the lower, slower vibration into the higher faster frequency, the result is a slowing of the Energy that was there before - and when your energy slows from it's natural Source-like vibration, you feel crummy. That's what negative emotion is- it's what you feel like when something that you are giving your attention to, and, therefore, something that you are including In your vibration, is now causing you to vibrate differently than you really are.

You are, in your natural state, vibrating at a very high, pure, fast vibrational rate. But when you choose a thought that is not up to speed with that, and you introduce or include that vibration in your vibrational mix, the result is that it slows the vibration of your being. Which is just fine. You have free will. You can do that all you want. But when you slow the vibrational content of your being, you feel the slowing. And what that slowing is is negative emotion. That's what it feels like to you.

Why Does Illness Happen?

Just as elation is a raising of vibration, or appreciation is a raising of vibration, or the feeling of relief is the feeling of a raising of vibration - the feeling of negative emotion ,is the feeling of including a lower vibration. And that is why all illness, all things that you consider to be bad, everything that happens to any of you that is not up to speed with what you really want - is always accompanied by negative emotion. And because most of you have not understood that negative emotion and positive emotion are your guidance to let you know where your vibration is, you have learned to acclimate to the negative emotion.

In every moment, you are offering a vibrational output just like a radio transmitter. It's like you are a radio station, and you are always on the air, and in every moment you are offering that output -- the entire Universe is responding to it. The Universe recognizes your signal and matches it constantly.

Most physical humans don't deliberately offer their signal, because they have not decided what signal they are wanting to transmit. Instead, most humans offer whatever signal they are observing.

The 17 Second Process

If you are observing something wonderful, as you observe it, it is vibrating. And as it vibrates, if you hold your attention to it for as little as 17 seconds, you begin to vibrate as it is vibrating. So whatever it is is reflected within your vibration. As the Universe sees the signal that you are now transmitting, as a result of your response to what you are now Observing, now the Universe accepts that signal as your output. It sees it as your point of attraction, and it matches that signal with other things like it.

If what You are observing is something you don't want, it is vibrating. And as you hold your attention upon it for more than 17 seconds, you begin to vibrate as it is vibrating. And then, the Universe accepts that - your point of attraction and matches it with other things like it. The better it gets the better it gets, or the worse it gets the worse it gets, because the Universe is responding to your signal. Set your own Tone and the Universe will respond to your Tone.

As you are responding to the things around you rather than Setting your own Tone, or sending your own signal, you feel not in control of your own point of attraction, because you are offering a signal, not on purpose, but because you have not quite yet learned, or come to believe, that you can Set your own Tone and that the Universe will respond to whatever Tone you are setting.

Why "No"' Means "Yes"

As You come to understand that "no" doesn't mean "no," it always means "yes," then you begin to notice how often you're saying "no" to something. And the thing that we want you to understand is that it is your habit of saying "no" that is most responsible for your impure vibration. It is what is responsible for the static in your vibration. It is responsible for the contradiction in your vibration.

When you say, "I want a new red car," the Universe responds to the vibration of your desire, but when you say, "But a new red car is too expensive," the Universe responds to that vibration, too. When the Universe is responding to two contradictory vibrations, nothing changes for you. Nothing very bad happens, but nothing very good happens, either, when you are as objective as most of you are.

Ten Years Without Hot Tea

So often, you say, to us, "Abraham, I want more money but I don't know where it will come from. I would really like to have more money. I know a lot of people that have money. I believe that money could come to me, but it doesn't come to me. I don't understand why it doesn't come o me. It comes to them. I know that money is a good thing and I believe that there are ways, but why doesn't it come to me?"

It is like wanting a nice cup of hot tea, so you turn the water on. You put the fire on under your teapot and you turn it on - and then, right before it boils you turn it off. And then you turn it on again - and right before it boils you turn it off. And then you turn it on again - and right before it boils you turn it off. And then you say, "For ten years I've been trying to get hot water," and we say, "Just leave it on."

You have been trained to be very objective, to weigh the pros and the cons, the pluses and the minuses. Actually, part of that is a good thing, because contrast is necessary for you to come to a decision. And while it seems like a weak reason to you when you are living something you really don't want, from your broader Nonphysical Perspective, you would not give up this contrast for anything.

Without knowing what is not wanted, you could not know what is wanted.

So, the key is, as human Deliberate Creators, You must find a way that you can utilize the contrast in order to decide what is wanted, What you're wanting to do is to sift through the data of contrast with an intent to select from it what you are wanting.

When you peruse the contrast for the intent of choosing what you do want, you're using contrast in the way you were born to do it. You're using contrast in the way your Inner Being does. But when you sift through the contrast to define what is not wanted and you hold that resistance stance as you say, "No, I want not this," now you have turned contrast, which would have served you well, into resistance, which never serves you well.

Let Your Cork Float

Imagine a cork floating on a body of water, and this cork is up there bobbing on the surface. And, for the sake of our analogy, know that up here on the surface the high, Pure vibration. This is the vibration of your Source. This is who you really are. Now take hold of that cork and hold it under the water as you focus upon something unwanted or - you doubt or as you doubt of disbelieve, or as you beat up on yourself or someone else... Now, as this cork is under water because of your attention to something that is not up to speed with it, now let go of it. Take your attention from whatever has caused the cork to come under the water. And what happens to the cork when you let go of it? It bobs right back up to the surface. And the reason that we want, very much, for you to hear this important analogy is because we want you to know that that is where your vibration would naturally be if you were not giving your attention to something that was vibrationally different. We want you to understand that you don't have to work hard at the higher vibration. You don't have to work at all at the higher vibration. You only have to no longer give your attention to those things that hold your cork under the water.

Be Eager Little Children

In the beginning, it takes a little practice. If we were visiting with you in the early days of your physical experience, we would leave this part of it out, altogether, because little children are born with floating corks. They have not yet developed the habit of thought that holds their cork under the water. They are full of themselves. Have you noticed? They're full of Energy. They're full of life. They're full of eagerness. They're full of passion. They're full of all this Source Energy. They are pure Nonphysical Inner Being embodied in the flesh, and you say, "No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. You're too happy. You're too loud. You're too interested. You're too eager. Stop that. Stop that! Stop that!! Stop that!!!" And after about four or five years of hearing that, their corks come down with yours. And then you say, "Good, we have got them molded. We have molded them into our likeness." And we say, "Poor little tyke. If he could just have been away from you for the first few years, until he got his attitude developed that life is good and that all is well, then you wouldn't have been able to get him." In other words, if he could have just had a little experience without your cork drowning influence...

Sometimes you come to these gatherings and we hear you say things to your friends like, "I'm going to go learn how to float my cork" or "I'm going to learn how to raise my vibration." And what we, very much, want you to hear from us is - you don't have to learn how to float your cork or raise your vibration. That is the most natural thing you ever do. But it is helpful to learn what kinds of habits of thought you have that are keeping your cork from floating. The good news is, every time that happens, you have a Guidance System that's within you that is letting you know it. That's what negative emotion is.

When you feel anger or fear or frustration or blame or guilt or any of those emotions that you would describe as negative emotions, what that means, every single time, is that you are giving your attention to something and therefore including its lower vibration in your vibrational mix, causing yourself to now be vibrationally different from your own Source. And so, that negative emotion that you are feeling is a sort of withdrawal. It isn't really withdrawal, because your Inner Being never withdraws from you - but sometimes you tune your radio dial to a frequency that's different from your sender, or Source, and you cannot make the connection.

What Is Your Wavelength?

You would not get into your car and set your dial on your radio at 97 and expect to hear 101 FM. Would you? You wouldn't say to your friend, "I know it's out there and I want it to come to me. I have 97 dialed on my radio, and what I want will come to it." You wouldn't do that, would you, because you understand that in this vibrational world that there is a transmitter and there is a receiver, and if the receiver is going to receive what the transmitter is sending - then the receiver has to be on the same wavelength as the transmitter. And everything in the Universe is exactly that same way. You have to set your vibration to match the vibration of your desire to match the vibration of your Source - or it cannot be. There is not enough action in the world to make any difference if your tuner is set differently than your Source.

If you will take the time to line up your Energy, to attune your vibration with the vibration of your desire - nothing can keep it from coming to you. But if you don't take the time to align the vibration of your desire and the vibration of your belief - then there is not enough action in the world to make any difference.

You keep trying. You keep finding different words and finding different actions and offering different processes, hoping that you will be the one exception to the Laws of the Universe and that you will defy this Law of Attraction - but we promise you it is not going to happen.

That awful feeling you feel, that you would describe as disappointment or humiliation or even anger or fear, that negative emotion that you feel, is your indicator that this train of thought, these words, this attitude about you is not in harmony with who you are. Your Guidance System has been letting you know, every step along the way, every single choice of thought, word or action that you have made. Your glorious Guidance System has been guiding you to let you know whether your cork is floating or whether it isn't, whether you are in harmony with Source or whether you are not.

What Is A Belief?

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking. It's not any big deal It's just a habit of thought. What beliefs do you hold that are not vibrationally up to speed with who you are? How do you begin to sort this out? How do you tell what thoughts or beliefs you hold that are in harmony with your Source Energy? You can tell by the way you feel which are which. When you feel elation or joy or exhilaration or passion, that means that whatever you are giving your attention to, you are a vibrational match to it. When you feel fear or anger or frustration or loneliness or guilt or blame, or any of those negative emotions, that means that, in this moment, whatever you are giving your attention to is not vibrationally up to speed with who you really are.

Bless your hearts, we don't know how you stand it as you move around your physical environment trying to guide your life by the rules that so many others are offering to you. Someone said to us, not long ago, "Abraham, this is really scary." He said, "I've been following a philosophy for a number of years, and the other day I heard someone speaking very boisterous words that said that what I had chosen as my way of life was utterly wrong and that I was destined to hell." And he said, "I don't want to believe that that person is right. But what if that person is right? What if the choices that I have been making, as I've been guided by this voice or that voice, or this voice are wrong choices? How would one ever know which group to follow?"

How satisfying it is, and what a feeling of enormous relief it is, to discover that, all along, you have had guidance within you that was letting you know right here, right now, what the vibrational content of your attention was. Not a punishing guidance that says, "If you keep doing this wrong, you will be punished," but just a simple, in the moment, guidance that says, "This is not in harmony with who you are or with what you want."

It is very liberating to discover the guidance that comes forth from within, and, in fact, it is essential to learning to mold Energy, because you have to find some standard of measurement. "If you've got negative emotion and you don't know what it means and you don't release it, don't worry, it will get bigger. And if you still don't recognize it, so by Law of Attraction, you continue to hold it to you, don't worry, it will get bigger..." And so, if you have things that are manifesting in a way that does not please you - all it means is that you have a habit of vibration that somehow matches that.

The Creative Process

The Creative Process has two parts to it: There is my finding of the desire, and then there is my aligning my vibration so that it's up to speed with the desire. Now, it really isn't two steps. It's only one step that you keep doing in two different ways. Here's what we mean by this: Whatever you're giving your attention to is already vibrating. And so, by your attention to it, you now include that vibration within you. So let's say that you get into this very good space. You've been meditating or you've been walking in the woods or you've been listening to lovely music or you've been having a wonderful exchange with someone, and you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on. You're feeling great. And in that attitude or mood, or vibrational offering, you have an idea for something, and you launch this idea. You, from this place of feeling very good, you connect with your Source Energy, and you launch an idea. A desire is born within you. It is conceived. It is born. It is done. But then, tomorrow, when you wake up, you are not walking in those woods. You're not listening to that music. You're not meditating. You're not in that good place. And so, now, from your now grumpy mood, you go back and think about the idea that you launched, but now your vibration does not match the vibration of your desire. You are a being who sometimes focuses on things that are not a vibrational match to your desire --and sometimes you focus on things that are not a vibrational match to your desire -- and how fast it comes to you has to do with how often you do which.

You hear people described as "this is an up person" or "this is a grumpy person" or "this is a down person" or "this is a high person" or "this is a happy person" or "this is a somber person." And we ask, how would you define yourself'? Are you optimistic, or pessimistic? Are you usually happy? Are you usually unhappy? And what most of you would say is, "Well, I'm a mixed bag. On this subject I'm a happy person and on this subject... On the subject of hiking in the woods I'm a happy person. On the subject of going to work I'm not as happy. On the subject of my best friend or lover I'm an ecstatic person. On the subject of my mother I'm an ornery person.

Your Vibrational Habits

Most of you have different vibrational habits that you have developed over time, because most of you have developed your vibrational habits in response to vibrations that were offered. The vibrational habits that most of you have are nothing more than knee-jerk responses... In other words, if somebody comes up to you - someone that you know, someone that you love, someone that you want to love you - and this person is critical, in this moment, or disrespectful, and sort of snaps at you or bites your head off - not literally, you understand - you would probably have a negative response to that person because they have established their Vibrational Tone so strongly that they would dominate the situation.

So you say, "Gee, Abraham, I mean to offer a pure vibration. That really is who I am. And I do a pretty good job of it, but there are just these things that happen that when they happen they evoke from me something different than who I really am." And we say, and that is precisely what we want to help you with. We want to help you get good at recognizing who you really are and radiating that into your physical environment. It's called, Setting your own Tone.

Be The Positive lnfluencer

We want you to be the influencer of the Pure Positive Energy rather than the knee-jerk responder to anything that comes along. As long as the vibration that you offer is coming because of the way you're responding to different things, now you can't watch television, you can't go out to dinner, you can't drive in traffic, you can't be with others... In other words, the only way you could truly be happy is just to hole up, alone, where there would be no influence.

Well, there is another way. You could get big and strong and get lots of bombs and power, and you could make them all behave. But neither one of those seem like very viable options. Do they? You cannot really practically hole up, and you can't get others to behave in a way that keeps you vibrating in harmony with who you are. And so, the way we see it, there is really only one option: Get so good at offering your Tone, that you dominate the vibration everywhere you go - so that all factors have to acclimate to your Pure Positive Energy. And that, friends, is what Deliberate Creating is: Being god at radiating that which you truly are.

Imagine Yourself As A Magnet

Imagine a magnet. One of those powerful "U" shaped magnets ... and for the sake of our analogy, we will say that this magnet has set its Tone. Now, imagine a nail lying on the table pretty close to the magnet, and as the magnet gets close to the nail, what's going to happen? That nail is going to go right to the magnet, because the nail is caught up in the influence of the magnet's Tone. Boom! "The devil made me do it," you say. "I don't know why I behave that way. I'm always am like that when I'm with that person." But now, imagine that you, too are a magnet, that has set its Tone, and you come into the vibrational sphere of the other. Have you ever taken two magnets and tried to push them together in that way? What happens? They push apart. As you have set your Tone, as you are offering your vibration - you will not be susceptible to other vibrations that are different from that which you are about.

Purpose of Manifestation

We want for you to come to appreciate the manifestation - it unfolds, because the manifestation is here for you, you Energy-flowing beings, you creators, you flowers of the energy that creates worlds.. The manifestation is here to help You get better and better and better at understanding how you are flowing the Energy.

Physical beings mostly don't understand that. You say things, when you come to these gatherings, such as, "I'm willing to take my time and spend my money and practice the processes so that I can affect this physical manifestation. I'm willing to do this - so that I can get that." And that's fine. We want you to have all that you want. We want every physical manifestation that you can imagine to flow comfortably and easily and magnificently into your experience. We want those physical things for you - but we want you to understand that the only reason the physical stuff exists is to help you in the satisfaction of flowing the Energy.

Do It For the Fun Of It

Imagine you are going on a trip, and you know where you're going. You're going to go to seven or eight cities, and you're going to be here and here and here, and you're going to do all these wonderful things - and then you're going to come back home. If you were approaching that vacation in the way most of you approach your day-to-day experience, you'd say, Well, since home is my final destination, and because you know why you go. You don't go to get where you're going. You go for the fun along the way. You go for the exposure to the new experiences. You go for the interaction with new people. You go for the new ideas. You go because you think it will make you feel better. You go because you have learned, through past exposure to new experiences, that it will bring something new to you and through you. And that is the way we would like you to feel about every one of these creations that you are embarking upon now. Once you have a conscious success relative to any aspect of your experience, the rest comes very easily.

You'll Never Get It Done

Understand, first of all, that you will never get it done. You are not ever going to get it done. And from your Nonphysical Perspective, that's good news, not bad news, because from your Nonphysical Perspective, you understand what it's like to feel a desire born - ah, that feeling of desire in your belly - oh, it is such a glorious feeling, because that desire is what summons Life Force.

That excited feeling of desire is what it feels like when Life Force is flowing through you. That feeling of adventure and passion is what it feels like when Life Force flows through you - but it takes a desire to summon that Life Force.

It is fair to say that it is the contrast that you think you don't like, that is responsible for the desire to be born that you do like. The Contrast is necessary for the desire to be born. Contrast is what puts the eternalness in eternity, because contrast sparks the new desire, and the desire summons the Life Force.

Everything that you want, you want for only one reason: You want it because you through you on the way to the fulfillment of one of your desires.

So, it is our desire, if it is yours, to assist you in understanding where your vibration is relative to the things that you want. We want to give you some easy, user-friendly, processes that help you to be more a vibrational match to who you really are. This is not a difficult thing - and once you have conscious success relative to any aspect of your experience, the rest of it comes very easily.

The thing that we most want you to remember, from all that we have offered, so far, is: You are vibrational creatures and everything is responding to your vibration - and the way you know what the vibration is that you are offering is by the way you feel. The way you feel is the indicator of your vibration.

And so, it would be a very good thing to say, "The Universe responds to my mood. Not to my words. Not to my list that I write down. The Universe responds to how I feel. The Universe responds to the essence of me." Have you ever known someone who had a sort of fake happy smile and they were saying happy words, but you could just tell that they were not where their words were? Well, the Universe can tell, too. And the Universe is not denying their words because it's trying to teach them a lesson. By Law of Attraction, the Universe cannot yield to you anything that's different from what you are vibrating anymore than you can set your dial on 97 and hear 101 FM on your radio. In other words, you have to he a vibrational match to what you want in order for it to come.

We want, very much, for you to understand that not only do you have the creative control to only walk toward that which is in harmony - but you can literally lay out a future path that will please you in every way. For you are Creators.

In the same way that a Creator goes into his workshop, you have come forth into this physical experience, with all of the materials available to create anything that will please you - and with the skill to create masterpieces that will not only satisfy you in your now, but will satisfy those who World that which you are about.

You Are Unthreatened God-based Beings

You are powerful beings. You are God-based beings. The Energy that creates worlds flows to you and through you. You do not have to be tentative or guarded or afraid of what is out there. There is a lot out there, but none of it holds any threat to you once you understand what it feels like when you, in any moment, are in vibrational harmony with your Source Energy.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. It is delicious to come together with our physical counterparts who are brave, from your physical perspective, and utterly eager and willing from your Nonphysical Perspective, to come forth and dance this dance of life.

Make More Decisions

Be easy about all of this. Make more decisions in every day and trust that the Universe will provide evidence of your decision. Don't struggle with your vibrational offering. just be aware of the manifestations that reflect it back to you. And if the manifestation isn't the way you want it to be, then adjust the vibration and watch for the manifestation to change, too. Let the manifestation be your signal of what your vibration is.

Be More Playful

Offer your vibration as purely as you can. Offer it as fully as you can. Bring more humor into your experience. Be more playful about this. Watch the dogs and cats. Watch the beasts. And most of all watch your children. Watch these little ones who come forth still remembering how much fun it is all supposed to be - and then do your best to follow their lead.

You Can't Get It Wrong

We watch you in every moment of your experience. We adore you for that which you are and for that which you are becoming. We acknowledge there is no wrongdoing that you can do. You cannot get off the track. You cannot deviate from your plan. You cannot fail. You cannot embarrass yourself, and you cannot bring any disfavor from your Nonphysical God or Source upon yourself. The only agony that you can ever experience is, here in this physical realm, when you include in your observation a vibration that is not up to speed with who you really are.

Follow Your Bliss

So go forth from this seminar with a new-found intention that you are going to let your guiding intention to be to feel good, because if you will follow your bliss - ah, no better words have ever been spoken ... A teacher some time ago coined it in the most magnificent expression that we have heard, to this date, when he said, "Follow your bliss." And while our expression is not as poetic, it means the same thing when we say, "Float your cork." Your cork naturally floats. You don't have to float it. So better it would be if we were to say let your cork float.

Follow your bliss and let your cork float, and your Guidance System will always be alive - and you will always be expanding just in the way you, at every level of your being, have intended to be.

There is great love here for you. We are complete.

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks tapes G-10/14/97, G-12/14/97, G-1/24/98, G-2/7/65, G-2/21/98 copyright 1998 used with permission
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