Sai Baba & the "Golden Egg"


Followers and friends of the Indian avatar Sai Baba were given this special photo of Sai Baba with the "Golden Egg" and told to use it and pass it along to as many people as they could. They were told that this was a gift to the world and that any person or animal could be healed by just having the photo placed on or near them.

Instructions: Print a quality copy of this photo on your color printer. Place the photo on or near the subject to be healed. Focus your intention on the subject and photo and say out loud "Sai Baba promised that a miraculous healing would take place if this Golden Egg photo was placed on _________(give name). I ask that this healing take place now as promised and that _________(give name) is completely healed. I give thanks that this is so . . . so be it . . . and so it is."

Editors note: I have placed this photo and instructions on this web site because I have personally had several remarkable experiences with the use of this photo. I would be interested in hearing of any unusual experiences that any of you might have with regards to this photograph.