'Helicopter Pilot's Diet'

By Alan Graham (with Alfred Lehmberg)

Don't be thrown off by the initial discussion that seems to be centered around Dr. Swank's MS diet. Swank is just a prelude to the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" towards the end of this piece. It remains, though, that Dr. Swank's brave tendency towards dietetic sanity is excellent support for it... ...forgetting for a moment that Dr. Swank doesn't go far enough in a prosecution of proper nutrition, appears to not understand the science of a proper diet, and does not credit the vitamin and mineral supplementation necessary to facilitate same.

I consider the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" to be a blueprint for life because it can prevent or ameliorate virtually every chronic disease from arthritis to heart disease! Yeah... I know... tough to swallow... ...walk with me.

This multi-purpose-ness of disease prevention exists because most chronic diseases have a significant inflammation component and the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet" is all about relieving inflammation and repairing damaged tissue... ...the way we've evolved to do it over 4 or 5 million years of evolution and not the conflicted way late 20th Century "man" has contrived for personal gain. It certainly has for myself and many others giving it a try...


Let me say up front, "I love and respect dear ole' Dr. Roy Swank." It took guts 50 or 60 years ago to stand up to the "conventional" wisdom concerning the treatment and prevention of MS, primarily because his program did not include any money making pharmaceuticals (a key point). When he published his "SWANK DIET", it was revolutionary, at the time, to condemn transfat found in hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) or to recommend Omega 3 from cold water fish and cod liver oil. In the present day only the most stubborn, bone-headed, and insentient MD would continue to dig in their arrogant heels concerning the hazards of HVO and the benefits of Omega 3.

Inexplicably? Some obstinately still do!

Swank's Diet has had truly amazing results. Even though MS is so multi-faceted that everyone is differently effected, virtually all MS sufferers who have tried it had at least some relief while others had substantial relief. With some the disease even seemed to be stopped in its tracks! This diet certainly has the potential to prevent MS... ...and most other chronic diseases.

This said, here's what's WRONG with the Swank diet? How must we dramatically improve it, thus increasing the possibility that ~you~ will never suffer from MS or pretty much any other chronic disease.

If you go to www.swankmsdiet.com , you can follow along as I go thru the 7 items listed in the "Quick Reference" block. You might also want to read the narrative that goes along with these QR items...:


QUICK REFERENCE List... With my commentary... ( Remember, the next 7 numbered headings are Swank's recommendations - not mine )

1. Saturated fat (Satfat) should not exceed 15 grams per day.

I really don't think Satfat is the problem. In fact I think it can be very helpful if consumed in moderation... if it comes from the right place and is prepared the right way. We evolved eating unburnt (homo-Erectus ate meat raw remember?) Satfat. The list of positive effects, associated with unburnt/undamaged Satfat is as long as your arm (see "Fat Facts": http://www.alienview.net/zfat.html ).

It's difficult to appreciate the truth concerning Satfat because there is so much seemingly overwhelming data to the contrary... all designed to sell more Lipitor... remember.

Well friends? All that "data" is pretty much flawed. Here's generally the way it goes:

They have a bunch of people increase their intake of Satfat and then something bad happens to a significant percentage of them. So, Satfat is bad. Right?... Not so fast, Skippy.

This could easily be because of dirty tricks! I suspect it is dirty tricks, in fact! The most egregious of these facts being - not increasing the Satfat with something like pure undamaged butter, but instead using Satfat that has been damaged by excessive heat, arduous processing, evil hydrogenation... ...using rancid fat, mixing with rancid poly food oils... or using fat containing damaged cholesterol...

Actually, this was done several decades ago by hydrogenating unrefined coconut oil, turning it toxic, then using it to conduct tests for cholesterol buildup!

Naturally, heart disease increased...due to the hydrogenated transfat molecule... ...but not the unrefined coconut oil. Outrage, reader! This is not science! This is conflicted axe-grinding!

...And after forty or so years, MD's are still quoting that bogus data as justification to demonize coconut oil... while at the same time telling their patients to use margarine ... which is Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Trans Fat)! Outrage, again!

...Another reason is because They don't know (or care!) about the other things these participants do (or maybe even encouraged to do) that will cause Satfat to turn on them and contribute to the problem. ...Or make it appear that the culprit is the Satfat when it is really something else.

Look how simple it would be to do just that. (the following is pure speculation... but NO trick is too dirty)

What if "they" gave every participant (for standardization purposes) a free supply of special "breakfast bars" with the correct daily increase in SatFat contained in the sweet buttery center. Designed specifically for this study -- the bar is portrayed as a natural "Whole Grain" Health Bar... but in reality it is a "Caramel colored, white flour, hydrogenated, sugar coated, chewey-gooey Candy Bar"!

Well... after a few years with a subsequent increase in heart disease, diabetes, MS, etc -- they can proclaim "Look, buttery SatFat causes chronic disease"! ...NO! Actually, the sugar, refined flour & trans fat caused a daily insulin spike (which inhibits the production of the inflammation reducing PG-1 [prostaglandin-1] by increasing the conversion of DGLA to AA [arachidonic acid], which is the precursor to the PG-2)!!! This provokes a further increase in inflammation, platelet-stickiness, and blood pressure...ahh, that sounds just like heart disease!

But, by all means, lets blame the SatFat...!

...That's what makes a dirty trick like this so effective! The innocent SatFat actually ends up adversely contributing to the disease -- when it is the sugar, flour & trans fat infusion increasing inflammation & platelet-stickiness... not because of something inherently wrong with SatFat! See how evil all this is?

Stay with me on this...

What if... by design, encouragement or accident the participants engaged in some or many of the following delinquent activities that could, along with an increase in SatFat, make it look like SatFat was the villain? Like burning and charring meat/fat (creating the harmful free radical HCA!) ~ using TransFat from HVO like margarine (irrefutably linked as a cause of MS and Heart Disease) ~ using damaged Satfat in processed meat ~ using sugar ~ consuming refined Carbos (All bread, cereal, and pasta) ~ consuming Omega 6 poly Unsat food oils (Corn, Safflower, etc) ~ miss Critical cofactor trace minerals leached from our soils ~ using Antacids and carbonated drinks (...pause to take a breath folks...) Mercury, Lead, PCBs in fish and in our environment ~ No Omega 3 or green leafy vegetables in the diet ~ Toxins in tap-water ~ Corn-fed beef, full of Omega 6 poly oils instead of Omega 3, that's found in grass fed animals. ~ Fish fed cornmeal, high in Omega 6 poly oils instead of Omega 3 ...

...And the list goes on and on folks... One begins to get a feeling for what "They" are not telling you. Who are they...?

...That would be the smiling sociopathic bastard with a clandestine hand in your pocket, reader.

So, have They ever taken a group of people and cut out virtually all of the bad things mentioned above... then fed this conjectured group a quantity of pure un-burnt Satfat to see what would happen? Well no. Of course not.

Folks... as it turns out they don't have to. Mother Nature did it for them! The Inuit (Eskimos), are just that group of people. And consider, folks, a study similar to the Inuit would likely have never got off the ground...anyway... Why is that?

The traditional Eskimo eats nothing but protein and fat (high Satfat... ummmm! Blubber)! ...With no green leafy vegetables... Inuit, in fact, have the lowest incidence of heart disease in the world, and oh yeah... they seem to actually be immune to MS. This MUST give every researcher pause! But It doesn't. Why?

Also the "not-so-traditional" Eskimo that has started buying sugar & processed foods from the "White Man" is getting the white man diseases...diabetes, heart disease, MS ,etc. etc. These are the facts, reader. They fly in the face of a jealous medical establishment.

Additionally, Dr. Swank disconcertingly lumps the SatFat in coconut oil in with all Satfat -- see "Fat Facts" (above), again, to understand why Extra Virgin, unrefined coconut oil is wonderful stuff that can only help MS sufferers as a result of its antioxidant properties and its synergy with the Essential fatty Acid (EFA) prostaglandin pathways... which reduces inflammation!

Indeed the holistic community has known for years of the anti-inflammatory effects of coconut oil -- especially with regard to bowel inflammation (like my own Crohn's disease affliction). What manner of medical malfeasence is this?

So, to sum up, SatFat found in eggs, coconut oil, unburnt meat (to include lean red meat), and butter are not a big problem. Just don't go crazy with the butter...

2. Unsaturated fat (oils) should be kept to 20-50 grams per day.

This is his most glaring error. He lumps all Unsat oils together. So, in his mind, cottonseed or safflower oil (he recommends both) are just as health promoting as olive oil (read "How I beat Crohn's Disease" [Alienview.net] for the bad news on Cottonseed oil)!

Remember folks, MS, like most chronic diseases, is all about inflammation. So, using Omega 6 poly-unsat oil... ...as opposed to Omega 9 mono-unsat oils (like olive oil) is a huge mistake. Poly oils from the grocery store are already rancid and teaming with the free radical toxin, lipid-peroxide, thus requiring it to be RBDed (refined, bleached, and deodorized). This process hides the rancid smell before selling it to you. Disgusted? You should be.

Mono oils, like olive and macadamia-nut, do not have to be RBDed because they don't go rancid during pressing, like the unstable poly oils do - for example, safflower oil (which Swank recommends, remember) has a substantial toxicity and unhealthfulness. Safflower oil, reader, has the highest percent of reactive poly oil at 80%. Olive oil, conversely, only has 8% poly with a large 76% slice of mono. Macadamia- nut oil is even better at 80% mono. The free radicals that result from toxic poly oils, which have been processed 'to death', attack every cell in your body AND can either cause or certainly exacerbate MS and virtually every other chronic disease.

Swank also lumps the poly-unsat medicinal oil in with the poly-unsat food oils. Medicinal oils are a completely different animal. It is not correct to consider them the same...

The poly-unsat medicinal oils, briefly, are the more complex Omega 6 (GLA) found in borage, black current & primrose oil-- and the Omega 3's (ALA, EPA, DHA) found in flax & fish oil. Because of their complexity, they are exponentially even more reactive than the Omega 6 poly food oils (corn, soy, cotton seed oil, etc). Consequently, the medicinals require added refrigeration during pressing to avoid the heat that would require RBDing later... and they must be refrigerated after opening. The Omega 3 EFAs, as a heads up, are the backbone of the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet", coming up shortly..

Under Swank's "Rules For Oils" he says something very illogical. "Always refrigerate oil after opening to avoid rancidity (except olive oil)."

OK, go ahead and refrigerate the poly oil to avoid further rancidity! Remember, though, the oil has already turned rancid once at pressing and had to be RBDed to... ... to hide the smell, reader! Consequently, there's not much point in refrigerating it later (...the cat's already well out of the bag! ...The poison pig dressed!). After RBDing, the oil is so "stripped and dead" that it will not increase in rancidity, anytime soon, even at room temperature. Like non reactive plastic... similar to opened Skippy Peanut Butter still being Skippy Peanut butter five years later... microscopic bugs won't eat it... why would you?

In all fairness, you can purchase, for more money (a lot MORE money), on the web and some health food stores, cold pressed "under refrigeration", poly oils... that are not rancid and must be refrigerated after opening. The problem is Dr. Swank doesn't tell you this, so on his web-site it looks like grocery store poly-unsat food oil is OK ... when it is, decidedly, not. The other problem is even if the poly-oil is "the refrigeration pressed" and is not the rancid type, you should still avoid it because poly Omega 6 screws up the desired and critical EFA Ratio of (4 to 1) -- that's: 4 Omega 6... to ... 1 Omega 3.

...Most Americans are at an unhealthy and out of whack (20 or 30 to 1) ratio! This is because they consume too much Omega 6 Poly Food Oils like Safflower oil at 80% poly and even Canola oil at 37% poly -- at the same time they don't consume enough poly medicinal oil Omega 3 found in flax seed, fish oil, eggs, and green leafy vegetables (See FatFacts, above).

Every incremental increase in the EFA ratio above (4 to 1) facilitates a death rate going up, again, primarily because of an increase of all types of inflammation (due to the prostaglandin imbalance associated with ratios higher than 4 to 1). ...Bet your "Health Care Professional" has yet to bring THAT to your attention... ...why?


It's a mystery why a high EFA ratio has not been more LOUDLY linked to auto-immune diseases like MS!

3. No red meat for the first year.

Ok -- I can live with this, but I really feel it's about how the red meat is raised and cooked, not the red meat itself. Consequently if you can afford it, free range grass-fed red meat is higher in Omega 3 and the magical fatty acid CLA (see "FatFacts" Above) as opposed to corn fed grocery store meat that is higher in Omega 6... and has virtually no CLA. Excessive red meat can cause an increase in homocysteine, which if elevated can cause arterial inflammation. However, if you stay away from sugar/refined flour, HVO, poly food oils, and you take Omega 3, folic acid, B6 & B12, then moderate lean red meat consumption is OK...especially if in the "disease prevention mode".

4. After the first year, 3 oz. of red meat is allowed once per week.

Gee... Why bother? I think this is completely over the top. If you liquid cook with stews, soups, and pot-roast which keeps the temperature below 212 degrees Fahrenheit (to avoid burning), and use lean meat (preferably grass fed), then eat red meat 2 or 3 nights a week if you want. Or, more often, if you are in the disease prevention mode". Remember... we have millions of years of evolution conforming our biology to a food source... besides, I suspect that it is the respect that you have for your food source that is key... you shouldn't feed meat to a plant eater and expect that there will be no consequences. Can you spell "mad cow"?

5. Dairy products must contain 1% or less butterfat unless otherwise noted.

I don't think you should ever use milk But if you do, keep it to a minimum. I don't feel there's a problem with the butterfat found in real butter, but, I'm not crazy about the homogenized butterfat & lactose found in milk.

Real butter is OK in moderation because it's undamaged fat with no lactose. A couple of the very short-chain fatty acids found in real butter have truly unique antioxidant properties, too. It's also a good source of the wonderful, Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) found in coconut oil and mother's milk.

6. No processed foods containing saturated fat.

Uh... ...I agree?

7. Cod liver oil (1 tsp. or equivalent capsules) and a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement are recommended daily.

I agree with his recommending 5 grams of cod-liver oil daily, but I think his supplement suggestions are woefully inadequate. I'll give you my recommendations later in the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet."


Here are some additional recommendations on Swank's website that I think are completely wrong headed:

1. TILT! He encourages eating a lot of whole grains, cereal, & pasta. If you don't believe anything I'm telling you, please believe this... the excessive consumption of these completely unnecessary processed carbs is how our society got in this mess we endure in the first place! We did not evolve eating any of these things -- you should get your carbs from green leafy veggies, and veggies grown above ground, not so much roots or tubers like white potatoes. Carrots and onions are a notable exception.

...Did you know that of the three types of food nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats... that carbs is the only one that is unnecessary? You can live quite well on only fats and proteins -- the Inuit do it, remember, and they have about the lowest incidence of heart disease and MS on the whole freaking planet!!!

Don't get me wrong. The right kind of raw veggies can have a very positive effect (fiber, digestive enzymes and antioxidants) and with the associated complex carbs ... veggies are a good thing.

Also, did you know that some carbs, carbs we think are the most health promoting, are some of the worst? They are refined grains mixed into a slurry (thick liquid) and then extruded under heat and pressure to form the "cute" little breakfast cereal shapes, that are then baked. It suppresses your kid's immune system... and is a likely component of ADHD I'm betting.

These "super" (my term) refined carbs cause terrible insulin spikes resulting in still "Mom! More inflammation please"! And the toasty surface area from baking creates another inflammatory causing free radical, acrylamides. Cartman's doting Mom does Eric a real disservice with the "Cheezy Poofs."

2. TILT! He says "all fruits are permissible in any amount to include canned fruits." This is just not right!

Fruit should be kept to a minimum, believe it or not (especially if you're diabetic), and you should use only those very dark, black, blue, purple, or red fruits, with a large (skin to pulp) ratio. The skin is where most of the magical stuff is located, so you want "little dark guys" like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, etc. The one exception to the "small-dark rule" is: one banana a day is OK. Canned? Along with many of the Vitamins in "Canned fruit" the digestive enzymes don't survive the processing.

3. TILT! He recommends "two cups of vegetables daily." I think this is silly... you should have three times that amount at a minimum. And please, a french-fry is not considered a *@#%! vegetable, it's a coffin nail -- and so is that other "vegetable," ketchup...(though, home-made ketchup using Stevia instead of sugar is great)

Inexplicably, Swank does not distinguish between raw and cooked vegetables... when you should eat as many raw as possible. Cooking kills the necessary digestive enzymes found in raw fruits and veggies.

If you have digestive problems with raw veggies, then lightly steaming is next best. However then, you absolutely need to supplementally re-supply the now missing digestive enzymes. Of course if you take a broad spectrum of supplemental digestive enzymes -- you will likely no longer have a problem with raw veggies,

4. TILT! Swank says "have all the white fish (like shark) and shellfish you want." This is unbelievable... fish has too much lead and mercury and people with MS have 7 times the mercury in their system as other folks. Also, he should not be recommending shark in particular. The bigger fish, higher on the food chain, have the most mercury because they eat the big fish, these eat the smaller fish, these, in turn, eat even the smaller fish... OK, I'll stop...

And, taking us out of the equation... who is it at the top of the food chain... the hapless shark! I also don't recommend shellfish because people with MS, heart disease, etc, need to clean up their environment and diet... not add to the problem by eating the scavengers of the ocean floor ("sea cockroaches") full of who-knows-what-kind of crap, putting a further strain on their immune systems likely already compromised.

The Helicopter Pilot's Diet: ( I'm a retired Army helicopter pilot - so I had to call it something... )

  1. Protein: Lean meat/poultry is good, however, avoid processed meats if you already have a chronic disease. Always try to "liquid cook" (absolutely NO burnt or extra well done meat... roasted, fried or grilled). Here's a tip from one of the good guys I know, Michael Barbee: On those occasions (4th of July, etc) when you want to grill ground meat, cut open a vitamin E softgel and mix it with the meat to help protect you from the free radical, HCA, created from burning fat. Go to Amazon.com, http://tinyurl.com/3rxmh and read my review of Michael Barbee's book "Politically Incorrect Nutrition". His book is must reading,. Look down the page at Amazon for my comments. Remember - you need quality protein every day! Unfortunately, virtually all cooked protein is not so good...cooking denatures protein. I recommend replacing a significant portion of the meat you might normally eat with a quality Whey Protein powder (sugar, Splenda, Equal and soy free of course). The most digestible form is whey protein isolate (WPI) as opposed to whey protein concentrate (WPC). Also, better "Cross Flow" filtration as opposed to "ion exchange"... Also for quality protein, I recommend "cage free" eggs, raw, lightly poached, soft boiled or very soft scrambled in butter or olive oil...never margarine. If you eat them raw -- go to www.mercola.com and read safety protocols for raw eggs. The really cheapest grocery store eggs, remember, are high in Omega 6 - the more expensive free range/cage free eggs are higher in Omega 3 and much less likely to cause problems if consumed raw.
  2. Food oils: Stay away from all poly unsat food oil to include canola oil. Use Coconut oil (all you want!) and mono oils like Olive/Macadamia-nut oil (in moderation). Poly-unsat medicinal oils like Hemp & Flax can be used as food oils but only cold--avoid heat & long exposure to the air.
  3. Veggies: All the "above ground" & green leafy veggies you want - so never waste a salad opportunity by using worthless iceberg lettuce. Always use romaine, leaf lettuce, spinach, etc. Also try to daily eat Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, bok choy. If you are active, skinny & disease-free - then baked potatos or rice (both with lots of butter) is OK. Boy, am I gonna get mail about the following...ironically, eating a SIMPLE (but natural) cabohydrate like a baked potato is better than eating a COMPLEX carbohydrate like "whole wheat" bread that is processed to death and containing hydrogenated Veggie Oil in an attempt to make it taste better with some added fat.
  4. Drink clean carbon filtered water with a pH greater than seven (alkaline). If you use reverse osmosis water like I do, it can turn out slightly acidic, about 6.5 pH, and is lacking about 95% of the original trace minerals. Distilled water is even worse -- no minerals and even more acidity. Both can leach minerals right out of your bones. You can help correct these two problems with a squirt of liquid trace mineral drops- the kind with 70+ minerals, not the kind with only the 6 or 8 that "doctors" say are required. Avoid water in plastic containers - store your clean water in glass mason jars.
  5. Never consume any kind of carbonated drinks.
    a. They destroy valuable stomach acid thus adversely affecting digestion.
    b. The phosphorous (in sodas) can cause a mineral imbalance impairing Cal/Mag absorption.
  6. Absolutely nothing with transfat. Almost all baked goods to include most bread have HVO. Also the only safe peanut butter is the kind where the oil floats to the top in storage, and must be refrigerated (Bugs eat it! You can too!). I like to pour off the oil and add coconut oil. The peanut oil is not real evil, considering it is 45% Mono oil, which is good, but it is 38% Poly oil which is bad! So C.C nut oil turns peanut butter into a real health food. If you can afford it, organic is safest... peanuts, like cotton (for cottonseed oil) require very large applications of poisons while grown but are not subject to the same purity restrictions as regular food oils. Isn't that strange?
  7. No bread, cereal, pasta, rice, or potatoes. Except on your birthday or occasionally in "disease prevention mode."
  8. Essential fatty acids (these are the most critical steps):
    a. Three tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed (or 2 tsp flax seed oil). Grind fresh with a coffee grinder and serve only in something cold, like a whey protein smoothie for example.
    b. With MS or Alzheimer's, 4 to 7 grams of name brand, moderately priced cod liver oil. If in "disease prevention mode" or you're more concerned about cardiovascular disease, then 3 to 5 grams of high potency fish oil would probably be better. Hi potency has 500mg EPA/DHA instead of 300mg.
    c. Optional: 1 or 2 grams of borage, black currant, or a distant third, primrose oil. Always take these GLA medicinal oils with ground flax seed or flax seed oil (read Fat Facts, above, to understand why).
  9. Supplements (as a minimum!):
    a. A good multi vitamin/mineral/trace mineral (70+). You may have to buy the trace minerals drops separately from the multi. For all supplements (in descending order) use: sublingual, liquid, scoop-able powder, capsules, or low heat food based tablets or caplets. Never use a synthetic, hard-pressed, grocery store product.
    b. Methylcobalamin B-12 in a sublingual (under the tongue) tablet -- 1000 mcg, 2 or 3 times daily. Make sure its Methylcobalamin, not cyanocobalamin. A large dose of sublingual B-12 is very cheap and is probably the most beneficial supplement you can take for MS, behind Omega 3 from flax and fish oil. You only need one tablet if in "disease prevention mode".
    c. MSM -- a natural form of sulfur that will aid digestion and relieve almost any kind of inflammation, especially arthritis, and it's very cheap. I like the pure scoop-able powder form -- but even the cheap tablets seem to work decently.
    d. Calcium- 1500mg / Magnesium- 1500mg / Vitamin D3- 1200 iu. Take all three in divided doses, remembering that your multivitamin probably already has 400 IU of D3, so adjust the 1200 IU accordingly. Amino acid chelation is the preferred form of Cal/Mag followed by citrate. Never take carbonate or coral calcium. Most Cal/Mag complexes come at a 2 to1 ratio -- I recommend a 1 to 1 ratio, which usually means buying additional Mag separately. I have seen a brand of Cal/Mag CITRATE at a 1 to 1 ratio but never the preferred AMINO ACID CHELATED Cal/Mag.
    e. Vitamin E -- Take 400 IU of "Natural mixed tocopherol". The "D alpha tocopherol" is good also but never take the synthetic "DL alpha tocopherol".
    f. Multi Enzyme Formula -- get a broad spectrum/moderately priced brand.
    g. Probiotics (like acidophilus, et al ) -- get a brand that has an expiration date guaranteeing the "little guys" will still be alive.
    h. Betaine HCL w. Pepsin. Avoid all forms of antacid, especially if you are over 50. If you have occasional heartburn that's more likely a sign that you have too little stomach acid than too much. With every protein meal most people should try a 250 mg capsule Betaine HCL w. pepsin, even if they don't think they have a problem. 75% of the population over 50 has too little stomach acid which can dramatically effect your ability to absorb nutrients, minerals in particular.
    i. If you have MS or heart disease then you should try to take as broad a spectrum of antioxidants as you can afford -- like CoQ 10, coenzyme A, grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid, etc. If in "disease prevention mode" very large doses of antioxidants are likely superfluous , especially if you are relatively healthy and do all of those other supplemental and dietetic things correctly -- like avoiding sugar / poly food oil / HVO and taking Omega 3 (flax and fish oil).


Menu for today -- Here is a day on the "Helicopter Pilot's Diet," keeping in mind that 4 to 6 small meals are better than 2 or 3 bigger meals:

  1. 1 or 2 breakfast meals -- 2 to 4 raw or lightly poached eggs. If in "disease prevention mode" scrambled eggs with chopped onions/peppers (melted/shredded cheese- in moderation). Sliced tomatoes, steamed asparagus or any other veggies.
  2. 2 or 3 lunch meals -- one or two scoops of whey protein in a smoothie with coconut oil, 1/2 cup of blueberries or a banana, one or two tablespoons of ground flax seed, ice-water, sweetened with Stevia (NEVER use sugar, Splenda, Equal, etc)
  3. 1 or 2 evening meals -- pot roast with cooked veggies and a medium salad or three chicken breasts chopped into a giant salad with a rich olive-oil vinaigrette sweetened with stevia. Must be homemade - Every commercial dressing I've ever seen is crap.

That's it folks -- I know this sounds restrictive but after you give it a try you will feel demonstrably better... become so much healthier... vastly improve your quality of life... All the "Spartan-ness" will seem a small price to pay by comparison.

Please forward this paper to anyone you know with a chronic disease.

Well be!

Alan D. Graham
Phone (334) 774-0395
E-mail -- alan068@centurytel.net


Comment Jim Mortellaro 10-26-5

Finally some common sense-speak about MS. Mr. Graham is no slouch when it comes to offering that sort of speak. He cured me of irritable bowel syndrome. Overnight. Now he speaks of MS and it's amelioration and possible prevention. Well, I do not know about prevention, but I do know that he's dead on the money over the question of amelioration of the symptoms. My own experience with MS began with marrying a gal who suffered this disease from puberty. She ate burned meat as if it were her last meal. Steaks, chops, sides of beef. And cooked on the grill to make it worser than worser.

Early in the 1980's, she began increasing the symptoms of MS. She stopped eating meat. Now she never touches red meat. Never. Poultry, fish (small sized, before the meat has had a chance to absorb the worst we have to offer) and vegetables. Most especially green, leafy veggies. Not too many years passed again and the disease was stopped in it's tracks. Unlike many people who are diagnosed with MS, hers did not progress beyond the stage where she began eating properly.

Now her cholesterol balance is perfect. The damage is done to her myelin, the damage is done to her nerves and muscle, but it stopped. Rosemarie eats properly. Very much like the so-called helicopter pilot's diet. Not a helicopter pilot, but a very happy camper, Rosemarie is now on Copaxone as a stopgap. Just in case. And wanna know something? Diet, proper diet, along with proper nutrition in the form of supplementation is the answer to so many of our problem illnesses that to merely say it is not enough. One must practice it. The advice given by Graham is good advice. We should know. Because it has worked. Rosie's MS is in remission. Her bad diet is in remission too. A pretty damned good conspiracy, eh?

As for my IBS ... well here's another story. I suffered for so many years that for me, pain in the lower left quadrant was perfectly normal. In fact, about four or five times when the symptoms were especially bad, I was improperly diagnosed with diverticulitis when in fact, it was merely IBS. And of course for a flare up of diverticulitis, one receives what? Penicillin and other drugs. All for nothing.

On application of a secret supplement recommended by Graham, it was GONE! And it only took 24 hours to be GONE! When I stop taking this secret ingredient, it starts all over again. I used to forget to take it. Bam. Pain. That old familiar pain along with the other issues which accompany a good case of IBS. Not to mention the embarrassment of some of these symptoms. Yukkapuk@DooDoo.Com.

I've not stopped taking it since.

Wanna know what it is? Ask Graham. I can't tell you. Why? You'll find out when you ask him.

Thanks, Alan. I owe you. However I seem to be a little short right now. This commentary will have to suffice. Jim Mortellaro, AKA Morty Morty@MortysCabin.Net http://www.mortyscabin.net