Love Meditation

Love Meditation from Theresa

(I use pink light btw)

  1. Sit or lie down comfortably.
  2. If you like, you can play nice soothing background music.
  3. Feel the emotion of love. You do not need to feel love as a strong emotion like excitement or anger. Love is calm, just like gratitude and compassion. While doing love meditation, it is helpful to keep smiling.
  4. Using your imagination, visualize love as bright, warm white light. Imagine the light of love moves from your chest to every part of your body.
  5. Next imagine that every cell of your body is glowing with bright, white light of love. Enjoy the blissful feeling of love in your glowing body. It is normal to feel that your body is vibrating while doing love meditation.
  6. Now from every cell of your body, imagine that white light of love is radiated to your surrounding.
  7. Imagine that white light is filling the whole room.
  8. Next imagine that the light is expanding further and fill the whole town or city.
  9. Imagine that all people, plants and animals feel warm and happy when they are exposed to the white light of love.
  10. Now imagine that the white light is filling the whole planet earth. Imagine that all living beings of the world are filled with white light of love.
  11. Do it 15 to 30 minutes everyday.
  12. You can also send love to anybody by imagining white light of love being sent to that person.

Benefits of doing Love Meditation everyday :

  1. People around you will be nice to you.
  2. You will feel good and you can reduce stress and negative emotions by doing love meditation.
  3. You will feel healthy.
  4. Your life will change and you will have good luck.

Love, Theresa

Everyday this week I Choose to: have a happy outlook on life, having a smile on my face, generating a happy song in my heart of I am OK. I know doing this blows away any negative energy that might be or come into my life.

If you write this 7 times daily - it really helps put it in your subconscious mind with speed, ease, comfort and joy.