A Message and Meditation From the Council of Angels

The council of Angels is a higher dimensional council of Angelic Beings that exist on the 9th dimension and above. each month I will post a current channeling from the Council as channeled through myself. The Council has several different branches that work with humanity, depending on the particular purpose of each. The Council that I am currently working with is the Council of Arcturus, which is the council that assists humanity in connecting the Divine Mind and Heart.

Here is the message they wish to share with you for the month of November 11th through December 12.

Divine Mind and Heart

Council of Light through Eri Morningstar

Dearest souls of light, each of you have been brought to this message at this time because of a particular point or issue in your life that needs the connection of your Divine Mind and heart working together as ONE. So often, for humanity, the heart and the mind are held in different "boxes" of awareness. How often have you heart someone say that their heart is telling them one things, while their mind says something else? This conflict between heart and mind creates a lot of confusion in individual lives, and in the greater reality of Earth as whole. There are many members of your race that are choosing the mind over the heart, making business and personal decisions that go against what their heart knows is right for the great purpose of all upon your planet. The single greatest force that would and will change the course of your future on Earth will be when the Heart and the Mind of humanity functions as ONE.

Can you imagine what kind of world you would live in today if all of your leaders acted with their hearts, instead of just the mind? What if their mind thought in a way that aligned their Divine heart and mind with that of Creator and Divine Will? What if before business decisions the impact the environment, the corporate executive looked not only at the numbers and amount of money his company might make, but the impact his decision will have on future generations?

The native People of your planet, the first peoples who came from the stars have kept this awareness alive for humanity. In every decision that they make, their elders look ahead for SEVEN GENERATIONS, to see how their decision will influence the future. What if your President Bush would do that same thing? What if he looked ahead seven generations to see what effects war would have upon the children of the Earth, or exploiting natural resources and lands? What if your President and all the leaders of the world held a conference where they looked at the future economy and structure of Earth and figured out a way for their economy to flourish, while protecting the land and spiritual future of every child on earth today, and their children, and their great great grandchildren?

That "what if" is more reality than fiction, because the spiritual evolution of humanity is growing at such a rate right now that the leaders who are not able to open their hearts and minds to Divine Mind and Heart and Will, are going to fade from Power within this century. If you look back from the last century to your current moment in time, and see all of the things that back then would have appeared to me miracles, now commonplace in your world. Then imagine what the next 100 years will bring for you and for your world. You, as ONE individual, are not as singular as your might think. Your Divine mind and heart know that you are one small light, part of a greater star that is the ONE HEART and the ONE MIND of spirit. In this way, as you yourself awaken and grow spiritually, as you connect your own heart and mind to work as ONE, you WILL influence your leaders and humanity as a whole, because you are all related, all connected through your hearts and the greater consciousness grids of Earth.

We are asking each of you reading this message right now to take just a few moments and look over any issues in your life that are troubling you. Things that are causing you stress or worry or conflict. Are any of them situations in which your heart and your mind are telling you different things? You have the power to look at the issue in a new way, and as you do so, your willingness to do this will reach out like a ripple in the water to effect your world, to help others to see things in a new way as well, and to open their hearts and minds just as you are doing yours.


  • Envision your heart as a beautiful bright light, and breath deeply, with each breath envision your heart light, or star, growing brighter and brighter, until you are completely surrounded by the light that is centered in your star.

  • Now envision within your mind, a star that looks just like the light in your heart, and with each breath, envision it growing larger and brighter, and more beautiful and radiant, until you have completely surrounded yourself within the light of the star within your mind.

  • Now you have a sphere of light form your heart, and a sphere of light from your mind, both of them around you, surrounding you in light.

  • This sphere is the UNITY of heart and mind The light that is centered in your heart and in your mind have grown to each encompass the other and unify.

  • Now we will bring your divine mind and heart together within your sphere.

  • Ask for your Higher Self to send a beam of light upwards from your sphere to the heart of creator, this beam of light will pass first through your own sun, and then it will pass through the sun of the Pleiades, Sirius and the Great Central Sun of Creator.

  • As you feel the beam of light connect with the heart of Creator, take a deep breath.

  • Now repeat another beam of light upwards to Creator, but this time connect though the suns to the MIND of Creator, this will feel like a slightly different energy, a quickening of your heart and your mind will suddenly feel expanded as you connect.

  • Now take a few deep breaths, and allow yourself to simply FEEL what it is like to have your heart and mind connected as ONE with Divine heart and Divine Mind.

  • When you are ready, take another look at the issue that has been troubling you, and allow any new ideas or thoughts on it to flow into your mind.

  • Do not be attached to any one outcome, just allow your mind and heart to see and feel what comes to you.

  • When you feel your Higher Self and finished sharing this new insight with you, say thank you and you may now get up.

There is no need to "disconnect" or end your meditation, it is ok to go on with your daily life with your Divine Heart and Mind as ONE within you. This is what humanity is striving for! See what kind of day you have as you look at everything in a new way, in the way that Divine love and thought do.

As you practice this meditation for a while, you will reach a point where you know you are ready, and then no longer will have to connect through your sun, the Pleiades and Sirius first. You will simply move to connecting through your sun straight to the heart of Creator, and mind of Creator.

This is how the energy is coming to Mother Earth right now, since 1998 it is no longer being stepped down in vibration through the star gates before coming through your sun, this is why all of the solar flares have been happening this year, the vibrations are increasing and the Divine heart/mind reality is becoming more and more the reality that "works" on Earth, as the old ideas are slowly fading in their power. So, just know that this is ok for you to connect directly, and that going through the star gates are good at first so that you are not too overwhelmed with the higher energy. If you connect directly too fast, you will feel lightheaded and ungrounded. This is a key for you to reconnect, through the star gates and then ground into the Earth.

Thank you so much for your willingness to open your heart and mind to love.

In the light of Grace Eloha and Arcturus Elohim, Ishhaya Hanna ElyYahnnah