Cancer and Lemon Juice

from TIDBITS News
by Sir Peter Bonnell CJSJ

Some years ago someone sent me a Reference Manual entitled "Biological Theory of Ionization" by Dr. Carey A. Reams. In it, Reams said, "lemon juice is the only anionic substance, the only natural hydrochloric acid on earth, that I know of".

He further went on to explain: "it's anionic, electrons travel clockwise, all food we eat are cationic with the exception of lemon and if there is another I never found it, when it goes into the system it can be converted into some 6 billion different enzymes with less chemical change than any other natural substance known to man".

Lemon juice taken with water he claimed-- "taken periodically helps the liver. It takes 18 hours to form an amino acid in your body, that's one of the reasons you need that small little shot of lemon juice, for your liver, spread throughout the day. Lemon juice is nothing more than dilute hydrochloric acid".

Not being a Biochemist I could not grasp what was being stated, but I remembered reading another book where the author claimed lemon juice could help cure cancer.

Back in the late "70's" while playing golf with my best friend Dr. Arnaldo Abreu, who was a Urologist/Surgeon. in Akron, OH, he told me of a patient that was very poor and had no way to get to Case Western Reserve in Cleveland. The man had to fill out forms and then would have to go back for final testing before surgery. He mentioned that the man had a large tumor in his bladder that was malignant.

I told my friend of what I had read about lemon juice and cancer. I also told him that I would take the day off to drive his patient to Cleveland. (My Order of Knighthood is both a Military and Hospital Order (our motto -"My Lords the Sick").

Doc said lemon juice couldn't hurt him and maybe I should mention it to him.

As it turned out the man was Joe Beck, a clothing salesman who worked at a store where I previously made purchases.

Joe was tearful on the way to Cleveland and explained all he had in life was a girlfriend and he couldn't very well make love to her with a bag hanging out of his side and he would probably lose her because of his condition.

I mentioned what I had read about lemon juice.

Joe was Jewish, but I suggested he might try praying to Jesus for help also.

We stopped on the way and I bought him some lemons.

Joe filled out the necessary forms in Cleveland; I waited for him and took him back to Akron

He lived at the Anthony Wayne Hotel (that was a flophouse) He said he had no food or money, I gave him $100.00 and told him I would call the Jewish relief organizations to help him.

He said "it wouldn't do any good, all they did was collect money but gave no help".

When I got home I called three of them listed in the phone book, two had no answer and only one had an answering machine that only made a statement of where to send donations.

I called "Lady of the Elms" a Catholic girls school and charity in Akron and explained to the Mother Superior the problem. She assured me she would help the man.

My girl friend and I packed up several boxes of canned good from my cupboards and stopped to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables (Joe said he had a 2-burner hotplate in his room that he cooked on).

When we arrived at Joe's, some two hours later. His small room was piled with about ten cartons of canned food that had already been delivered by "Lady of the Elms".

Dr. Abreu's secretary took Joe back to be admitted the following weekend. as I had a previous appointment I could not break.

On Wednesday, I picked Joe up from Case Western Reserve and when he came out to the car he was "all smiles". He got in the car, grabbed my hand, kissed it and said through his tears "he was going to become a Christian"

He told me the Physician in charge of the testing said "it was like a miracle, the center of the tumor appeared to have been burned out and it was benign".

Last winter (1999) I wanted to buy a "Chesterfield" overcoat. I went to the store in Akron where Joe had worked. While talking to the owner, I asked him if Joe had ever had a reoccurrence of the cancer. He sad "no" and I asked, "what ever happen to Joe". He said 'he died of A HEART ATTACK TWO YEARS AGO".

Another friend of mine, a policeman, had facial cancer. I told him about the lemon juice theory" and to mention it to his doctor.

He started eating lemons; he told me he ate the whole lemon skin and all;

that's the way he liked them.

About two months later, I saw him and he said his cancer "was in remission", two years later it still was.