The Amazing Secret of Blue Tape

Toronto Dowsers meeting and newsletter, April 2006 Blue . . . Blue Dowsers

Dowsers speak about the importance of the color BLUE. Ellie emphasized this as well. There was a BLUE article in the April 2001 newsletter and since it relates to Ellie's teaching and can be of assistance, it is being reprinted here. This is information garnered from an active email list I was on at the time, a conersation we were having about Blue Tape. My favorite dowser, Joe Smith, is in this discussion.

Frieda started this off:

Can noxious rays be caused by fluorescent lighting?

I tried dowsing the bed and was shocked to get the answer that yes, it was crossed by noxious rays. More dowsing located it as outside, coming in through the windows. I got negatives about the rays coming from the noise of heater-coolers, cars coming in at all hours, exhaust, wind, etc. Finally I asked about the light from the fluorescent security lights at the new building, and the rods crossed immediately.

Could this be so?

And if it is, what's my protection? How can I keep out these rays? will just putting up heavy drapes do the job?

Take blue engineers tape and lay it across the window sill.

Where can I get this?

Probably at the hardware store. It is in a roll . The closest you can get to cobalt blue the better. Dowse the energy coming in the window then put the tape down and redowse it. It should be gone.

You should also put a strip in your car window for when you're traveling around.

'Surveyors' tape is correct name for the tape , I don't know where I came up with engineers tape. The blue paper backed tape should act as well. Frieda said she had it coming in the window so that is where she needs to put the tape. Dowse for where you need it. For noxious energy that is coming in above the ground, start your pendulum on the floor and keep raising it till you come in contact with the beam, as you enter the beam the pendulum should circle and quit when you run out of it as you go higher. This way you can find out how big the beam is. Telephone towers are bad about this type of energy.

Why does the blue tape work? Is it used as a device to hold an intention? Is there some beneficial effect from the color blue? Why use blue and not another color?

Intent is always a factor in any thing you do. You might be able to visualize the blue color and have the same effects.

I don't know the whole story but it goes back to Egyptians and their use of the color ? I think. It will work for a while, how long depends on lots of things. Intent is always a factor in any thing you do. You might be able to visualize the blue color and have the same effects.

In the Middle East and in Moslem Africa, the color blue is protective. In countries where nobody but foreigners have blue eyes, the talisman that protects from the Evil Eye is a blue glass or stone eye--- I still can't figure that one out. Doorways are often painted blue to keep out evil. Outside garden walls are often painted blue. Blue says "Keep Out". I can't recall what cobalt blue looks like, but the blue used for painting is an azure blue, though the Evil Eye talismans can be darker.

Blue surveyors tape might better be placed under your hood, across the radiator or such as it is not visible there. It may also affect your motor operation. I recall years ago, at the convention, hat blue coloring [paint, etc.] around the base of the carb or injection pump helped improve gas mileage.

Rowdy Yates taught me to use a royal blue ribbon across my dashboard. (He even gave me the ribbon! Just like him! I'm sure my intent that it protect us has had a lot to do with it.) I also have royal blue reflectors on either side of my driveway gate and around the perimeters of our 5 acres. Again I feel protection for our property and those that enter!.

Also I blue line our home and have done others homes as well.

There is also a nice blue masking tape we painters use that is similar in color to the plastic flagging tape engineers/surveyors use, comes off easily for four days and then it sticks as bad a regular masking tape. Could put a piece on the bottom of the lower sash so as not to be visible, or on top of upper sash for same reason.

Gladys McCoy [from ORI] talked about this in her class, some highway engineer who discovered if you drew a blue line on a highway map, you could block noxious (or geopathic) rays that were causing multiple accidents that kept occurring at that spot on the road, which sounds like a pretty cool combination of thoughtforms, color therapy, and map dowsing.

Rem...this is similar in idea to what I call "blue-lining" a house or apt. It works, too. You can feel the drag of your pendulum before blue lining and not after. I worked with a group of people in California . We map dowsed for earthquake faults and then blue lined them....sometimes going out onsite and clearing the more potent energies.

Try placing it along the base of the whole wall. [NOTE: I bought a roll at the dollar store for $1)