All Power to You

By Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

Forward by Rev. Henry Lee Bates:

Dr. Robert H. Bitzer ( 1896 - 1994) Founder and Spiritual Director of the Hollywood Church of Religious Science, wrote several books and gave hundreds of classes during his career. The only book currently in print is his "Collected Essays." "ALL POWER TO YOU" is out-of-print, but I am offering it as an honor and a tribute to this Great Metaphysician who was also the first Religious Science Master Teacher I was exposed to.

When I walked into the Hollywood Church of Religious Science in March of 1991, I wasn't prepared to meet a Master Teacher, but I did, and he was Dr. Robert H. Bitzer. Even Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and author of the "Science of Mind," recognized Dr. Bitzer's genius and understanding of Principle. He stated, "Bob teaches the textbook better than I do.". This small but concise book, "All Power To You," will change your life for the better even more so than you can imagine. Dr. Bitzer uses the term "Treatment," the term "Scientific Prayer" is synonymous with the word "treatment."

Maximum Blessings, Rev. Bates


WHO, upon Life's Highway seek Power To fulfill the Purpose of Being And attain your Highest Good, Understanding those around you- Expressing Love and Peace toward all: That YOUR Word my heal and prosper, Lifting those who need Strength, Bringing them Joy in their hour- Thus glorifying the Father within. ALL POWER TO YOU

Robert H. Bitzer

"ALL POWER is given me in Heaven and in earth."


YOUR LIFE is a quest for Power - the power to get what you go after - the power that will heal and keep you well - the power to make money, the power to love and be loved - the power to make yourself and those you love happy. ALL YOUR LIFE you have been seeking power.

YOU are the central dynamo which can release this power you have longed for. You are surrounded by limitless power. Yet this Power can do nothing until it is directed. This is just as true of Spiritual Power as of electrical or steam power. Your thought must give Spiritual power its direction.

You must decide what you want to express. Your choice of ideas determines everything that comes into your life. Choose those Words which mean something to you. They will give your desire form. You must do your own thinking.

FIND YOUR PLACE IN THE DIVINE PLAN Man's part in the Divine unfoldment is to recognize what he really is, and through claiming his own to bring it through into expression. Much of Man's confusion, sin, sickness, or limitation has been the result of his denial of his Divine nature. His belief in an existence apart from God has created negative conditions. But his recognition, that God within him is Complete, changes his order of living and creates abundant life.

THE INFINITE RESPONDS TO MAN The substance of everything that man desires, the essence of all life, fills and surrounds him. Man's word speaks forth into form. It fulfills his idea or follows his thought pattern. It responds to his desire, completely, when he is scientific in his thinking and is convinced about the Truth upon which he meditates.

MAN'S CONSCIOUSNESS MUST BE FREED FROM LACK Whatsoever negation exists in man's consciousness must be eliminated; yet we must not fight negation. To do so only gives it power. When we realize the Allness of Good, negation has no existence. When we feel our oneness with God-ness, nothing false can exist.

TREATMENT IS THE USE OF POWER A Mental or Spiritual Treatment is definite mental work which expresses conditions according to our desires. It does not take into consideration things as they appear to be, but thinks in Creative Mind the condition as we want it to be. The more specific our treatment, the more positive will be our result. Creative Mind accepts our concept and gives it form.

THE TRUE NATURE OF MAN IS DIVINE A Treatment to be scientific must take into consideration man's Real Nature. Obviously, man did not create himself. The God Mind, which conceived man as a Perfect Idea, endowed him with the power necessary to unfold this Idea. So that man, the image and likeness of God, is the Real Man to be unfolded. Man instead of being material and mortal can be understood as a Spiritual Reality. He still exists in the God Mind as perfect Being, and all of his experiences seek to reflect this Divine nature. Health, joy, wealth, love and peace are understood as the natural heritage of the God Man.

FOLLOW THROUGH A CREATIVE IDEA When we recognize the power contained within the idea which created us, we are unifying ourselves with an Infinite Force. We should then realize that this power which created us has never left us, BUT CAME FORTH WITH US, expressing itself as man. So that health, joy and wealth become the objective expression of this God Power. We do not have to create these conditions, but by recognizing the nature of the original Power we let this TRANSCENDENT PRESENCE manifest our desire in all that we are.

RECOGNITION OF THE POWER ENABLES IT TO EXPRESS The manifestation of this Power is complete when we let it do its Perfect Work. When we can perceive God's Perfect Idea of Perfect Man and accept this Perfect Idea, we open channels in our expression whereby the God Idea may manifest. This is why Jesus emphasized so many times that it was the Father within him which did the work. The Spirit indwelling us brings out our true nature.

THOUGHT DIRECTS SUBSTANCE The purpose of Treatment is to create through Spiritual realization that which we want to appear as experience. There is no limitation to what a Treatment can do, nor to our ability to give a Treatment. Whether we want to demonstrate a peck of potatoes, a rose bush, a new house, a condition in the body or a new position, the PRINCIPLE is always the same. Through Spiritual Realization we create that which we desire to appear as experience. Creative Intelligence which is Substance follows the direction of our thought and assumes the form of our desire.

VISION MUST BE TURNED We must look away from limitation, lack, discord and disease and look toward the Self which is the perfect expression of God. Our unification must be complete in the God Mind. When we have a specific need, we see the condition in the God Mind exactly as we want it to be. This is Treatment.

MAN IS SPIRITUAL MIND Our Realization is the mold which gives form to the Substance, Spirit. There is just One Substance, Intelligence, Mind, God or Spirit. Our thinking IN this Substance (not INTO) gives form to this Substance. The Substance of all our experiences is the same. We THINK Substance into the form of our desire.

BE AWARE OF THE GOOD In Treatment we turn entirely AWAY from the condition as it appears, because, as long as we look at the condition we can never overcome it. We emphasize NOT the thing to be overcome or changed but the Idea To Be Expressed. We do not fight disease, but recognize a Principle of health which is normal and natural for man to express. Not so much overcoming lack or limitation, but a definite conscious release of abundance. Treatment always builds up something, some Idea, some Desire, some Conception that IS to be expressed. The Treatment realizes Power to be released and then directs it. As we speak our Word in the Positive way, we will put all our energy into the Word to be released, and none of our energy can go into the thing to be destroyed. We think of That which is to be expressed, and the things that are to be removed or the obstructions to be dissipated will eliminate themselves. When we let the negative condition alone, negation will destroy itself as we are concerned with the positive condition to be expressed. A negative condition may not eliminate itself IF IGNORED, but will be eradicated through positive expression.

THE UNIVERSE AROUND US REFLECTS OUR THOUGHTS When we recognize man as a Spiritual Being, we see him EXPRESSING in a Spiritual Universe. We see all form as simply the objective expression of Spirit, God or Mind. We do not deny the existence of any form, condition or so-called material object; but we recognize that every form is the expression of Intelligence, that every concrete experience IS the manifestation of a tangible thought. Regardless of what conditions may exist or what may surround us, we know that thought produces them - thought will change them.

MAN, THE CENTER OF HIS WORLD Each person IS the point at which the God Mind reproduces Itself. Whatever man expects or hopes to find in his world, must be presented at this point of consciousness as an idea. All experience is the movement of Intelligence - the result of man's direction or the reflection of his attitude.

THE OBJECTIVE APPEARANCE MUST CHANGE The demonstration of health is complete when every appearance of disease or sickness has been removed. Expect your demonstration to be complete.

HAVE NO FEAR Work scientifically, consistently and persistently. Recognize that you are dealing with the Law of Life. Know that it is the nature of Principle to respond to Itself. Be of good faith. Know that the Word you speak is the perfect Word of God and establishes Itself.

EFFECTUAL PRAYING IS SCIENTIFIC KNOWING We do more than pray that aches and pains may be removed or that disease be destroyed; we seek to know our oneness with the Perfection of God and realize that God's Perfection as health is the Life filling us, flowing through every part of our being, vitalizing every cell this moment. To ask God to remove a negative condition would be to recognize it, but to see our oneness with the True nature of God, brings through the Perfection of God. Thus the negative condition is automatically wiped out.

ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN Instead of asking God to give us health; we assume that God, the great creative Principle, the Presence in us now, IS the perfect health filling every part of our being. Instead of asking as though we did not have the thing we desired, we ask, believing that we have it now. By realizing that God-in-us is that health, we simultaneously ask and receive.

EVERY PRAYER ANSWERS ITSELF Within the prayer when it is prayed are all of the elements necessary to bring it through as a manifestation. We identify ourselves in Divine Mind with the specific thing desired, therefore Divine Mind fills US with the Realization of its Presence. We lift our thoughts above our need.

WHERE TREATMENT TAKES PLACE Treatment takes place within the consciousness of man. Anyone can give a Treatment, yet our daily thought or attitude comprises an unconscious Treatment. To be successful it is important to know WHAT we are treating. Treatment takes place within our consciousness. It is mental activity within ourselves - upon ourselves - by ourselves and for ourselves.

TREATMENT DEALS WITH THOUGHT Just as the gardener planning his garden carefully selects the kind and quantity of seed he desires to carry out his plan; so must we now WHAT we are seeking to do with our lives and carefully choose those ideas which will contribute to our unfoldment. THOUGHT is constantly flowing into form.

CHANGE YOUR THOUGHT BETWEEN TREATMENTS When you have finished your Treatment turn away from it and let it rest. Keep anxious thoughts about it out of your mind. Know that the Treatment is complete within itself - go about your business and let it do its own work.

REPEAT TREATMENTS Treat until there is no longer any need for the Treatment. Work until the perfect fulfillment is established on the outer plane.

THE TREATMENT THAT SUCCEEDS Treatment is based upon the recognition of what man is by Nature, not what he seems to be, or what he is expressing. All our treating must realize that God is within every individual, Perfect Man, Perfect Mind, Perfect Supply, Perfect Life, Perfect Health, Perfect Joy and Perfect Peace.

There is within me a Power which is complete. This Power complete within me draws to my conscious recognition everything I need to express and experience.

GOD IN ME IS MY PERFECT HEALTH We recognize God-in-man as the complete life in man. Whatever we think about the Self is identified with God-in-man and becomes the expression. God-in-man is recognized as Perfect Life - expressing Health.

Man IS perfect man expressing God in a perfect body, in a perfect universe.

ISSUE THE DIVINE COMMAND We are careful not to petition God for things. We become conscious of our oneness with God and our positive Word speaks this God-ness into form according to our desire. Jesus had a positive consciousness of his oneness with God. When he healed, he spoke from this consciousness, giving the specific command. He did not say, "Can you stretch forth your hand?" Nor did he ask, "God give me the power to heal this man's arm." Within this consciousness of power, he said, "Stretch forth thine hand." Treatment takes place when man claiming his authority, uses it.

TREATMENT DOES NOT AFFECT GOD Treatment changes only man's mental attitude - not God's. It creates a receptivity within man's consciousness which lets the God desire manifest.

EVERY THOUGHT REVEALS TRUTH In the Perfect Treatment we are completely conscious of our oneness with the God Principle and know that every phase of our thinking is unified with the God Mind.

FOLLOW A DEFINITE PLAN In treating we follow a definite plan, yet we must keep the mind open. Our clearest and most concise idea may expand through illumination.

DO NOT LET NEGATIVE BELIEFS CREATE Do not energize false beliefs. Many people are self-hypnotized into accepting limitations. Let the Truth about yourself reveal itself to you. Accept - without compromise, your complete freedom.

REFUSE TO LET YOUR OWN THOUGHT LIMIT YOU Not even the self can limit the Self. We should declare our freedom from self-imposed limitations. Become so aware of the Truth that you do not possess the power to bind yourself.

THE POWER WITHIN BREAKS EVERY BOND If any mental tendencies seem to crystallize conditions around us we must build a consciousness of power within which equalizes the demand from without. The Truth then pushes forth from within into its free and complete expression.

MAN IS FREE BY DIVINE AUTHORITY We do not free ourselves through will power, but because the Divine Intention within us maintains Its own ability to function fully, completely and freely.

PERFECTION INDWELLS MAN The idea back of our manifestation of life is a Perfect Idea. This thought in the Infinite Mind is indestructible and changeless and can never be less than the Perfection of God. God thought Perfect Man, Perfect Expression, Perfect Universe.

LOVE HARMONIZES Resentment can create a chemical reaction in the blood stream. We can not have war without hatred. We should free our minds from all resentment, bitterness and hatred. Divine Love within us will find an outlet through us. Divine Love harmonizes our thought. God-in-us is Peace.

THE POWER IS WITHIN Within the Real Self is Power to maintain Complete and Perfect Health in a Perfect body.

Within the Real Self is Power to sustain at all times the Abundant Supply.

INTELLIGENCE RESPONDS TO INTELLIGENCE Treatment realizes that we already live in a Perfect Universe which needs to be seen mentally before it can become a part of our experience. We are dealing with Intelligence so we must THINK. Spirit responds to our word, but if we do not speak the word we can not expect the response. Our good will come to us as we are definite and positive in knowing our good.

NO SELF-DEPRECIATION IN GOD A person who feels sorry for himself or who thinks that all things are working against him, creates more conditions to further his depression. His self-pity is very far-reaching and influences everyone whom he contacts. A person who continually things that business is dull, draws to himself those who also think hard times or depression. We must reverse this tendency by knowing that God-in-man is opulent, does not admit poverty but manifests abundance now.

THINK PROSPERITY AND SEE ABUNDANCE No matter what a person's financial status is, never think of a person as poor nor see a person as destitute. Go through the appearance and know that the Perfect Life is Abundantly supplying every need. Our helping a person in a material way must not interfere with our God vision. The God Power radiates from us and everyone we meet is helped, strengthened and prospered because they, too, have touched our consciousness.

OUR STANDARD OF OPULENCE IS MAINTAINED Our clear consciousness draws to us those who think as we do. The standard which we establish automatically attracts those who are similar. The person who wants to be in the atmosphere of Abundance, must recognize that abundance and Opulence are established within his consciousness and THAT which is within him is made manifest everywhere. Our thought visualizes that which is prosperous or opulent and which can abundantly multiply itself.

GOD IS EXPRESSED So many times we think Treatment is the manipulation of mental laws. Treatment is the release of the Presence of God-in-us. It opens the avenues within our own thought to make us receptive to this God Power.

KEEP THE THOUGHT NEW Intelligence is ever moving. Out thought must be constantly expanding. Every day should bring us new ideas about life. Each day we should find new ways of doing our work.

RECOGNIZE THE SELF We treat to recognize the ability of the Self - to know what we have to give to life. Our self-recognition opens the channel for our expression.

HAVE NO ENVY AND NO BELIEF IN COMPETITION Each person's place in life is unique. No one can take from us that which belongs to us and which we have consciously recognized as our expression. Likewise we can not deprive another of his good.

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO BE AND DO The clear conception of what you want to do gives definite direction to your actions. You get no credit for what you do not do. You may rejoice that you are not retrogressing but you may be standing still. You must project your consciousness in a constructive manner. To go forward you must have a sense of progress. Not the pitfalls nor mistakes that you have avoided or omitted but the positive Goodness which you have put into your living determines your progress. Life responds to your definite knowingness.

KNOW YOUR PERFECTION Treatment changes the individual consciousness. Do more than make affirmations about the grandeur, perfection and glory of God. God knows that God is perfect and good. Realize that the Truth about God is the Truth in man's consciousness now.

TREATMENT TAKES PLACE WITHIN THE SELF The person giving a Treatment treats himself. He is a center in God-conscious Mind. All healing action takes place within his consciousness. He silently realizes that within is the perfect power and life.

THE SUBSTANCE OF EVERYTHING EXISTS WITHIN That which exists within our consciousness, invisible Mind or Intelligence, finds its perfect fulfillment on the outer plane. Parallel action is always maintained between the inner plane of Mind and the outer plane of manifestation. A Perfect Pattern exists within us for everything that takes place in our expression. The inner determines the outer.

DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR DEMONSTRATIONS When we are working to establish a condition it is best to keep it to ourselves. Our consciousness then will not admit a discouraging word or criticism, but all of our power will be carrying through our vision.

HOW TO CHANGE CONDITIONS That which exists in our consciousness is reflected in conditions around us. When we change our attitude, conditions assume the form of our new thought.

ALL CONDITIONS ARE MIND IN ACTION The clearer our conception of the action of mind, the more positive will be the correspondence on the outer plane.

GROW OUT OF SITUATIONS We let go of an undesirable condition by knowing that we are through with it - that we have completed it - finished all in it that we were supposed to do - have learned from our experience and are now ready for something larger.

DO NOT FIGHT AN UNPLEASANT ENVIRONMENT That which surrounds us is the manifestation of thought. If it does not fulfill our desire we change our attitude and create a larger expression. We Increase Our Mold Of Acceptance. God-in-man is harmoniously expressed, and provides adequate opportunity to express our recognition of what we are.

THERE IS NO LAW OF REVERSAL TO TRUTH Man's word spoken with conviction can not be reversed. It is powerless to change itself. The intent within the word gives it Its Power and when this purpose is destroyed, the word will cease to exist. A carrot, midway in its development, does not decide to reverse itself and become a turnip or a rose. It carries out the fundamental idea and remains true to its kind. Our word can never fail but has within itself all power necessary to attain its complete unfoldment.

THE GOD-CONSCIOUS MAN IS GOD-EXPRESSED Primitive people are unexpressed. As man grows in his consciousness of Truth, he opens new avenues for his expression. As our appreciation of the joy, beauty and love of life increases, our expression enlarges. Love, unexpressed, turns inward in self worship, but expressed helps those around us and gives us a sense of progress. As we recognize our Power we welcome every opportunity for its expression. When we realize our oneness with God we shall express this oneness in our relations toward our fellowman. Love harmonizes every experience.

EACH IDEA MUST EXPRESS IN ITS RIGHT PLACE The value of an idea is determined by its use. The rose is just as perfect as the cabbage and the cabbage is just as perfect as the rose. A dime is just as perfect as ten dollars. Now, where we get mixed up is when we take an idea that does not fit in a certain expression and try to force it. Each idea covers a certain need and we must recognize that every idea has its purpose and its specific place. This perfect idea must be understood for what it is itself. Work in this definite way and realize that the perfect expression of God Power will unfold in everything. We then have the right idea for the right experience and it is completely fulfilled in our work.

GOD MUST BE EXPRESSED IN MAN We do not confine our meditation upon the abstract but bring it down to the point of our experience. Air circulates around us, yet only that air which we breathe into our lungs benefits us. Life is everywhere but must individualize in us for us to Live. God is the Principle of Good surrounding us and in all. Meditation brings God into our experience. More than meditation upon God; it is God-in-me. More than knowing the Truth about God; we must know the Truth about man.

WE KNOW WHAT WE CAN EXPRESS We do not fully understand any principle until we can explain it. Regardless of what we are studying, we should increase our understanding. When we are able to put our thought into words, our understanding will be clear. If we are unable to give the gist of a book we have just read, we did not get very much out of it or else did not exhaust its possibilities. But if we can discuss it intelligently, either pro or con, it has stimulated our thinking and absorbed our attention. Hence we understand the way the Principle works.

WORK FOR DEFINITE IDEAS Our success is not dependent upon the flow of Intelligence in and through us, but upon the specific thoughts in that stream of God Intelligence which we individually appropriate and apply in our expression.

GOD-IN-MAN IS COMPLETE COOPERATION We do not expect an individual to express beyond his ability to comprehend. We must not expect too much of other people. Each individual must express according to his unfoldment. To make demands upon another's ability to express is apt to create confusion. Whenever we need cooperation from life, we must know that God is all; that we do not depend on any person but rely completely upon the All-sufficiency of the God Principle which brings full cooperation independent of any and all persons and places.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO REVEAL THE CAUSE WHEN ANYTHING IS WRONG If any disturbance seems to exist in the body or affairs of the individual, we seek the cause and eradicate it. Sometimes we do not find the mental cause or locate the negative belief that produced in-harmony, discord or disease. But when we recognize man as a Spiritual Reality and know the life within him to be Spirit, we release into his affairs power which definitely wipes out any false appearance, regardless of what the condition may be.

WHAT WE THINK ABOUT WE ATTRACT TO OURSELVES What we think about we gradually believe in. In order to change our belief we have to change the thought pattern. We change the idea that we are contemplating, put the new picture before the mind, even though at first we are skeptical about its attainment. We keep bringing this new idea before the mind and meditating upon it - the first thing we know our belief is established. We become convinced and the thought becomes the thing.

AN IDEA BECOMES A FORM What we call success or failure is the mathematical operation of this Principle of Intelligence. No idea within itself is evil. Each idea has its proper place and its right expression. What we call failure is due to an inadequate idea. Choose an idea adequate for your need. The Divine Plan accepts only your Success conviction.

EVIL IS THE MISUSE OF IDEAS When man misuses ideas he tries to make one thing fit where it could not go. It is like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Much confusion that exists in man's affairs is caused by this misapplication.

GOD-IN-ME ALWAYS KNOWSIntelligence being Infinite is never at a loss to know what to do. Infinite Mind within us could never be at a loss to provide the right idea for the right acceptance.

WE CAN CHANGE OUR BELIEF We meditate upon that which we know the Truth must be. Through logic or reason we understand that man must be the manifestation of God. We attain a personal conviction that we individually are made in the image and likeness of the Divine. Our belief makes abstract Truth become personal experience.

Dr. Robert H. Bitzer ( 1896 - 1994)

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