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Here are some important thoughts and health ideas which work well for me. I have not been sick with a cold, flu, anything for over 18 years. How? Here's what I do (and don't do) every day (almost). I am not claiming that any of this will help anyone, IT IS ONLY WHAT I DO. Results may vary. (If you are a smoker, drink alcohol, or do recreational drugs please ignore this entire web site). I do not get any "kickbacks" or "commissions" from these sources I am offering. I'm just telling you what I have found to be the best. It is always a process, not the final word. Items 1 through 6 are the most important. Read item 2 VERY CAREFULLY.

  • I do a colon cleanse about once a year which helps to keep the GI tract clean and healthy. The best colon cleanse I have found is the So Easy Cleanse which only takes 3-days instead of weeks! Find out more about the So Easy Cleanse HERE or HERE.

  • I drink lots of water (1 to 4 liters), Hydrogen-Enhanced water, or water that has been energized and vortexed using our Water Vortex Magnetizer.

  • Click HERE for the most advanced minerals on earth. In our over 30 years of research, we have found nothing that matches the power of these hard-to-find, powerful minerals! I have taken these daily for years and have found nothing that compares to their effectiveness.

  • In the morning I will mix a level teaspoon (3 grams) of sodium ascorbate with the same amount of MSM. I drink this immediately. Then I place 1 teaspoon of sodium ascorbate (about 5 to 6 grams) into a drink bottle and sip on this over the day. This gives me about 8 to 9 grams of sodium ascorbate each day, and the MSM ramps up the absorption and utilization of the C by a huge amount. I would hope to have 4 to 5 grams in my blood each day. The chelation effect is very good so I need to make sure I take a good quality multi mineral to make up for the chelation effects of the C. I break from this routine over weekends so my body doesn't get lazy. Another variation is to add sodium bicarbonate (aluminum free) to ascorbic acid instead of sodium ascorbate which makes the "C" sodium ascorbate, with enough extra sodium bicarbonate to do its thing, plus the MSM to enhance the "C" for longer and more enhanced life. Start by adding a quarter of a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to each heaped teaspoon of ascorbic acid and gradually build the dose to about half a teaspoon. I also add a heaping teaspoon of MSM to each dose and take this combination twice a day.

  • Are you ready for a miracle? I have seen many people and animals cured of serious disease by using the Budwig protocol. For daily health maintenance, I believe that this amazing combination may prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer and much more. For it to work, it must be done properly. Here's what I do as a mixture for daily maintenance:

    Main Ingredients: 4 Tablespoons of organic 2% cottage cheese and 2 Tablespoons of Barlean's Flax Oil with Lignans. (Important: cottage cheese MUST be 2% ORGANIC)

    Hand mix until creamy. You may use an electric hand mixer but not a blender (blenders may whip too much air into the mix and may oxidize the flax oil). There is a synergy or chemical reaction that occurs when these two ingredients are combined. After mixing, you will see that the oil completely disappears. If you rinse off the mixing spoon or beater blade, you will notice that is not oily which indicates that this reaction has taken place. Make sure that you completely mix the cottage cheese and flax seed oil before adding anything else. When this mixture is creamy, you may add a little distilled or spring water to thin the mix. Then if desired you may add:

    1 to 3 Tablespoons of freshly ground "Golden" flaxseeds (a small coffee grinder ($15) works wonderfully for this purpose), and a little cayenne pepper to taste.

    Optional ingredients:

    • Agave nectar, Stevia Plus, or honey (for people with blood sugar challenges, agave nectar is great because it has a low glycemic index. Stevia Plus has the lowest glycemic index of any nutritive sweetener)
    • Strawberries, raspberries, grapes or other fruit
    • Adjust quantities for your taste!

    Important: Flax oil must be fresh, kept in a dark bottle, and refrigerated. After initially opening the bottle of flax oil to remove the seal, you should not keep opening the bottle and allow air in. Once you have initially opened the bottle to remove the seal, never remove the cap again. To dispense the oil, just turn the bottle upside down, flip open the cap, and squeeze. This way, very little air will get in the bottle.

  • Important----> 1/8 cup (at least) of Ground Golden Flax Seeds and 1/8 cup of Chia Seeds every day. Here's what I do: Take about 1/8 cup of high protein golden flax seeds and an equal amount of Hemp Seeds and grind them up for about 10 seconds in a small coffee grinder. Do not over process. Pour the ground flax/hemp seeds in about 8 ounces of water with maybe a little juice added. Drink immediately and feel the joy. Study after study confirms that the oil and fiber components of the flaxseed and hemp seeds are wonderfully health promoting and are curative for many disease states especially MS. Remember, grind it FRESH and consume it immediately. Here's the best source I have found for the Golden Flax Seed, Lignans, and Grinder: http://www.flax4u.com/. They actually grow these beautiful plants in North Dakota.  NOTE: Many people ask me about taking FLAX OIL. I personally believe that humans were not meant to consume oil. There is not an animal in nature that will drink oil. By taking the ground flax seeds, you are getting a small amount of the oil in it's pristine state with the accompanying nutrients. This seems natural . . . drinking oil does not. The exception to this is the Budwig protocol as noted above.
  • You can also make a smoothie by putting some of your favorite fruit, ice, and the raw Flax and Hemp seeds into a blender for about 45 seconds. I have been asked many times which blender is the best as many people feel that the Vita-Mix is the top of the line. After trying all the leading brands I prefer the K-Tec by Blendtec. The K-Tec leaves the Vita-Mix in the dust! You can find out more about the K-Tec HERE or the K-Tec Commercial HERE.

  • There is and has been a systematic effort to remove Sea Salt from the diets of the population for decades. SUGAR KILLS . . . SEA SALT HEALS. Most of the world's purest salt beds have been purchased and closed. Human beings were engineered to  operate on Sodium Chloride in the form of PURE ORGANIC PROPERLY HARVESTED SEA SALT (NOT PROCESSED TABLE SALT!!!). Sea salt contains between 65 and 81 water soluble, ionic, angstrom sized, minerals.  Today, the only pure form of this salt comes from France. Here's another hint: read PAPER 58 of the Urantia Book. If you understand what I am telling you here, you now have the information to add at least another 20 healthy years to your life. The best source I have found for Sea Salt is through www.greysalt.com. It is top quality at a low price.  Read more about Sea Salt HERE. The second variety of salt that I recommend you purchase is Himalayan Crystal Salt. There are many sources for what claim to be this special salt on the internet, but most of these sources are NOT the real item. This specific variety of salt comes from the Karakoram range of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan and is composed of geometrically perfect crystals and 84 essential minerals required to sustain human life. You can find this salt at www.americanbluegreen.com, and I suggest you read the book entitled "Water & Salt, The Essence of Life" by Dr. Med. Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreria.
    REMEMBER: I suggest you order BOTH kinds if salt (Celtic Sea Salt and Himalayan Crystal Salt) as they have different and important properties. When water and salt are combined, they form a new dimensional substance called Sole (So-lay). This synergy creates the most fundamentally perfect mineral infusion for your body. You can replace electrolytes and balance your energy simply and naturally by drinking a Sole solution each day, or several times a day as I do. When water and salt connect, the negative poles of the water molecules surround the positive ions in the salt and the negative ions in the salt are surrounded by the positive polarized particles of the water molecules. This changes the geometric structure of the water and the salt, and creates something entirely new, a third dimensional energy form. The water no longer is water and the salt no longer salt. The elements have liberated themselves from their restrictions, given up their polarities by the resonant effects, and reached a higher form of energy.

  • Salt has a very unique property--it's atomic structure is not molecular, it's electrical.

    The benefit we receive from salt is it's electrical charge, the salt itself actually still remains in it's original form. If you were to take a glass of water, and dissolve salt into it, the salt would "disappear" into the water. However, when the water evaporates, there will be salt in the bottom of the glass.

    This electrical charge is essential to the life functions in our bodies.

    So basic is this electrical function, that salt is one of a group of elements called "electrolytes". These are made up of ions, which are groups of atoms that carry a positive or negative electric charge. An ion can be either positively charged or negatively charged, and, like magnets, opposites attract.

    Sodium is positively charged and chloride is negatively charged, so they attract each other and bond tightly. Our bodies also contain other electrolytes, including potassium (+), calcium (+), magnesium (+), bicarbonate (-), phosphate (-), and (sulfate (-).

    Electrolytes are essential because your cells use them to transfer liquids, nutrients, and wastes across their membranes and to carry electrical impulses through nerves and muscles to communicate with other cells. Salt is even essential to brain function--without it, our brains would not even be able to send a message to lift a finger.

    The kidneys work to keep electrolyte concentrations in your blood constant when your body changes. When your body perspires (from exercise or high temperature), for example, electrolytes are lost in the sweat and must be replaced to keep the electrolyte concentrations of your body fluids constant. This is why athletes drink "sports drinks" after exertion--to replace the salt they have lost.

    Did you ever do the salt conductivity experiment in science class? You would have attached two ends of an electric current to a light bulb and submerged it into a glass with distilled water. The bulb would not have lit up, because distilled water has no conductivity. But when you added a bit of salt to the water, the bulb would start to glow. It's the same in our bodies. If there is not enough salt in our body fluids, the electrical charge of our bodies will be weak and the electrical functions won't "spark." You may use salt and maple syrup to make your own "Sports Drink". Click HERE to find out how.

  • I take at least 2 oz. of WaterOz Water of Life Minerals and 1 oz. of WaterOz EPN Enzymes.

  • I take at least 4 oz. of colloidal/ionic silver. (Ideal amount is 1 ml. per pound of body weight per day to be bullet-proof). Stories about your skin turning blue (or silver) from using colloidal silver are misleading. In fact, this story about skin discoloration is the premiere scare tactic used by organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industries to scare people away from using colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is nothing but pure (99.99%) elemental silver particles suspended in water. The skin discoloration problems are caused by compounds that are molecularly bound to silver (usually protein compounds). There's a big difference in the two! Colloidal silver does not cause argyria. Here is a great tip for making superlative colloidal silver, with less concern for oxide buildup and runaway current flow. Place one tiny drop of honey into the solution at the beginning of the process. Honey is a saccharide (sugar) which structures the electrical and magnetic properties of water in a very unique way. This structuring allows the silver colloid to form at a faster rate, while at the same time reducing the buildup of silver oxide that would normally occur without the addition of the honey. Why this happens, I am not sure-but it works! You wind up with a higher density silver concentration (measured in parts per million {ppm}), made in a shorter period of time, with less buildup of silver oxide on the positive electrode! There are plans to make your own colloidal silver generator on the Projects page. If you wish to purchase a silver generator, here are the top units in order of preference that I have found: 1. Silver Lungs, 2. CS Pro Systems, 3. The Silver Edge, 4. Silver Puppy, 5. Johnny Silverseed 6. Robey Silver Generators, 7. SilverGen, 8. Colloidal Silver Master, 9. Scada Research. 10. Silver Bullet Enterprises. You can also buy a great unit from Germany HERE. or a very good unit from India HERE.

  • 1/4 cup each of Goji Berries and Cacao every day. Goji berries, sometimes called wolfberries, are perhaps the most nutritionally rich fruit on the planet. Goji berries contain 18 kinds of amino acids (six times higher than bee pollen) and contain all 8 essential amino acids (such as isoleucine and tryptophan). Goji berries contain up to 21 trace minerals (the main ones being zinc, iron, copper, calcium, germanium, selenium, and phosphorus). Goji berries are the richest source of carotenoids, including beta-carotene (more beta carotene than carrots), of all known foods or plants on earth! They contain 500 times the amount of vitamin C, by weight, than oranges making them second only to camu camu berries as the richest vitamin C source on earth. Goji berries also contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, and vitamin E. Cacao (raw chocolate) is the richest and most powerful anti-oxidant food in the world!

  • I use several drops of Cayenne Extract in a cup of water several times a day. I also sometimes use a few drops of Lobelia in water. If you do not have a source for herbs and tinctures, I highly recommend "Teeter Creek Herbs". They are high quality herbs, organically grown in the Ozarks.

  • 2 to 5 teaspoons of MSM mixed in juice. (Organic Sulfur). Read more about MSM HERE.

  • 3 to 9 Apricot Seeds (world's best source of B17) and 3 to 5 Almond Seeds everyday. I mix my seeds with juice every morning in a K-Tec blender which grinds them up into the juice. An ordinary blender can't do this. Don't use seeds that have been processed or dried as that will destroy the enzymes. Keeping a good flow of B17 in your system is the best way to keep your body cancer free. To get your apricot seeds call: 800 395-7379. If you have cancer, click here for more information.

  • About 9 minutes of a frequency generator or Blood Electrification.

  • At least 3 drops of Cayenne tincture, 3 drops of Lobelia tincture and 3 drops of Black Walnut tincture mixed in water everyday. Learn more about the wonders of Cayenne and making your own tincture by clicking HERE. If you want further reading about Cayenne I suggest you get the books "Left For Dead" by Dick Quinn and "Curing With Cayenne" by Sam Biser. If you only learn about one herb in your life, it should be Cayenne.

  • At least 3 teaspoons of barley powder mixed in juice.

  • Several drops of Oil of Oregano in a caplet.

  • I NEVER consume any RAW GARLIC! Why you ask? I bet you thought it was good for you, right? Well, guess again. Stanford University conducted a research project on the effects of garlic on the human system. The study was privately funded by the late Dr. Robert Beck. The results (yet to be published) were conclusive: RAW GARLIC IS A SPECIFIC POISON FOR HIGHER LIFE FORMS. It totally de-synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain, rendering you brain dead. It decreases your reaction time 2 to 3 times. You can rub a clove of raw garlic on your ankle and smell it shortly afterward on your wrist. It penetrates the blood-brain barrier. This is why most pilots are warned never to eat garlic or Italian food before flying. Garlic is strictly forbidden in all ashrams and monasteries in India, Tibet and Nepal. I have been told by herbalists that if garlic is so bad for you, why did the American Indians use it? THEY USED IT AS A MEDICINE, NOT A FOOD! Yes, it may be taken under certain specific circumstances for specific conditions, but to consume it daily as a supplement or food is reckless stupidity. If you are taking garlic now, get off it for a few weeks and see how much better you feel and how much clearer you can think. I know many herbalists and nutritionists won't agree with this, but I put them in the same category as the mothers at the turn-of-the-century who bought morphine sulfate to give to their babies to put them to sleep. After the Harrison Act, that was outlawed. Someday garlic may be outlawed too. Even the Church of Scientology forbids garlic, garlic salt, or any salad dressing or other food products containing garlic aboard their ships, the Diana and the Apollo because they know how stupid it makes the people. This includes all garlic supplements including Kyolic, and the de-skunked varieties. Be sure to check the labels of foods in the supermarket, as most contain garlic. Garlic is poison, eat it at YOUR OWN RISK! I believe garlic to be poisonous in it's raw state, but I believe that cooking or sautéing garlic synergistically changes these properties, such as in the formula for Space Syrup. This can probably be determined by a good applied kinesiology test.

  • Use a magnetic pulser on various lymph nodes.

  • Use ONLY Miracle Soap (body, hair, teeth, laundry, etc.) No chemical or animal fats in my skin pores.

  • I never get a vaccination of any kind (ESPECIALLY Flu). Somehow the thought of injecting processed monkey kidney, Thimerosal, mercury, human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue), aluminum hydroxide, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol (anti-freeze), neomycin, chick embryos, ammonium sulfate, washed sheep red blood cells, glycerol, sodium chloride, and phenol red indicator into my body doesn't sound very enlightened. Maybe it's just me. More information on this from an MD HERE.

  • I NEVER, EVER, EVER use a microwave oven. If you you have to ask why, you may be too dumb to own a human body and it will soon be taken from you. Read about microwave ovens elsewhere on this site.

  • I NEVER, EVER, EVER ingest aspartame or MSG. No Diet Pop. If you have to ask why, just click HERE to get your sign.

  • I NEVER use a cell phone next to my body.

  • I NEVER ingest margarine. (If you have to ask why, get your SIGN from number 13.)

  • I NEVER ingest Fluoride. (If my dentist wants to give me some, I'll bring him a SIGN.)

  • I NEVER ingest Canola Oil. (If you have to ask why, get your SIGN from number 13 or 16, your choice, and then read more about CANOLA OIL elsewhere on this site.) And NO, canola oil does not come from a canola plant. Sheesh.

  • No mercury amalgam dental fillings in my mouth. No hair die on my scalp.

  • Do the Quantum Vibrational Radio Biology Balance once everyday.

  • Fast one day a week. Other days, eat half as much food as I used to.

  • I give thanks everyday for my good health.

  • I worry less about what I put in my mouth, than what comes out of my mouth.

  • I Breathe Deeply and Laugh Loudly.

  • We are either POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEINGS, or we're not. I think I AM.

  • I AM Grateful for Everything. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Or as the Native Americans say . . . 'Neahouwhe' which means I AM Grateful.

  • Meditate, pray, and try to be of more SERVICE to others. Bless every person and condition and give thanks. Thus, you affirm the perfection of creation.

Here is some additional/rare information and web sites of interest:

  • Many natural health practitioners use Stone Root Collinstonia Powder for safe and effective cleansing of arteries, veins, and melting kidney and gall stones. I can Google the information for you, just click HERE.

  • Pure Organic Celtic Sea Salt: Imported from France. Go to www.celticseasalt.com. There are also other sources on the net, but remember, you MUST GET THE SALT FROM FRANCE!. If you're not taking this Organic Sea Salt everyday then you are making a BIG mistake. But that's O.K., your error does me no harm.

  • Young Living Essential Oils (MLM) - This is the best source for medicinal grade frankincense oil as used by many researchers. If you sign up to purchase wholesale, please use Member Number 891943 as this helps us to assist more people. Thank you.

  • Slim Spurling Geobiology Tools: 303 849-5411. Very profound energy tools based on ancient geometry and the cubit. Don't miss his web site at: www.slimspurling.com

  • Dr. Richard Schulze: 800 437-2362, www.800herbdoc.com. Dr. Schulze (a student of the late Dr. Christopher) has the most powerful information available about using herbs for healing ANY health problem. His are the best herbal formulas commercially available, period! Call his Herbal Healing Academy for their free information package and get well.

  • Alkaliser Water and Health: www.alkaliser.com. Great resources on alkaline water and holistic health.

  • Alka-Mine Coral Calcium: MXM, 800 854-8548 (Little packets that Alkalize the liquids you drink . . . great stuff.)

  • Apricot Seeds: (B-17), http://www.ourfathersfarm.com/products.htm. Here's another great website for apricot seeds: http://www.apricotseeds.org/. A few of these a day will keep the doctor away.

  • Air-Zone Ozone Machines: More information HERE.

  • Bob Beck Devices, SOTA Instruments: 800 224-0242, or www.sotainstruments.com/.

  • Cancer Self Treatments: www.drday.com (If you have cancer you can't afford not to have her tapes or books.). While other M.D.s ignore their hypocritical oaths and sleep with drug companies, Dr. Day used her own methods to heal her cancer.

  • Essiac Herbal Cancer Remedy: http://essiac-info.org/

  • Green Kamut Corp. "Just Barley": 800 452-6884 (Best Barley products that I've found...no MLM.)

  • Heritage Store Edgar Cayce Products: 800-862-2923, www.caycecures.com (Great source for all health related items including the Bach Flower Remedies, Ghee butter, etc.)

  • Miracle Soap: 800 277-5444 www.miracle-2.com Throw away ALL of your poisonous soaps! (Read more about dangerous chemicals found in everyday products including common soap HERE) I use this soap for shampoo, body soap, laundry detergent, brushing my teeth, washing my car, washing my dogs...EVERYTHING! It actually opens your skin pores to allow the body to detoxify instead of clogging up the pores with animal fats like all the other toxic products. GET THIS STUFF!

  • MSM Bulk Prices: 800-453-7516 ext. 2, www.msm-msm.com (This is the best and cheapest source for MSM that I have found.)

  • Oregano Oil: North American Herb & Spice, 800 243-5242 or www.oiloforegano.com (Don't be without this in your medicine cabinet.)

  • Silverlon Silver Charged Bandages: 770 979-1455, www.silverlon.com (Don't be without these in your medicine cabinet either. Heals wounds like magic. Now FDA Approved!)

  • WaterOz Ionic Minerals & Enzymes: 800 547-2294 www.wateroz.com (Get these minerals and their Ozone machine. You're crazy if you don't. And be sure to get their brand new EPN Enzymes. These are the most important of all.) Contact them at:

        Route 1, Box 104-B
        Grangeville, Idaho 83530

        800 547-2294 Sales
        208 926-4273 Alternate

The mineral waters produced by David Hinkson's company WaterOz are truly remarkable mineral supplement products. Better than colloidal products, WaterOz produces the following 20 different mineral waters: Boron, Calcium, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Germanium, Gold, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Platinum, Potassium, Selenium, Silver, Sulfur, Tin, Vanchrozin and Zinc mineral waters along with the "Water of Life" which contains 84 minerals and trace elements, plus their new EPN Enzymes. You can click here: http://www.wateroz.com to go to a WaterOz web site and get some preliminary information, however it is best to call them on their '800' number.

---James Golik, Research Scientist

Disclaimer: Remember these ideas and health protocols are my opinions which are based on my 27 years of active research as a scientist, researcher and truth seeker. They are not intended as medical advice and are for research, informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only. Consult your health care professional, if you can find one. The information contained in this archive is intended for general reference purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice or a medical exam. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before starting any new treatment. Medical information changes rapidly and while Yahoo and its content providers make efforts to update the content on the site, some information may be out of date. No health information on Yahoo, including information about herbal therapies and other dietary supplements, is regulated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore the information should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease without the supervision of a medical doctor. Full DISCLAIMER located HERE.