Make and Drink Your Own Emoto HADO Water

Here are some steps you can take to prepare and drink the HADO water.

  1. Buy some mineral water. If you can find some in a glass container, that's best. The plastic containers leach plasticizers into the water that pollute it. Tap water is hard to purify because the chlorine seems to affect the structure even after the chlorine evaporates according to Dr. Emoto's research.
  2. Keep a gallon or two of mineral water in front of a music source where you can play purifying water music. In Dr. Emoto's two books, you can find out the names of various symphonies and songs that produce great crystals. Some of these musical sources of HADO include Beethoven's Ninth, John Lennon's Imagine, and Amazing Grace.
  3. Prepare a HADO bottle of water. This process if highly individual.
    Start with a clear glass jar. One that holds about a quart is fine. Peel off any labels and clean the outside of the jar.
    Cut out small pieces of paper (about 3" by 5").
    Write messages on the pieces of paper.
    One message should be "Love and Gratitude".
    If you have some illness or pain you want to go away, another message can be "[Name of pain or illness] Has Gone".
    A third message should be "The eternal power of the universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony".
    I also suggest you put a message on another sheet of paper with the name of your religion.
    Tape these messages onto the outside of the container so that they face inward towards the water.
    Put them in different places on the outside so that no message obscures any other message in facing the water inside.
    Keep this HADO jar full of mineral water that has been in front of your speakers that have been vibrating with high HADO music.
    Keep the water away from microwaves, televisions, computers and cell phones. All of those energy sources harm the structure of water as shown in Dr. Emoto's photographs.
  4. Drink as often as possible from the HADO jar and refill it. Drink the amount of water that's healthy for you. But try to get as much of that water as possible from this jar. You can carry some of the water with you when you are away from your source.
  5. Be thankful as you drink the water.

Dr. Emoto's experiments suggest that you will further purify the water if you say or think the following thoughts as you drink the water:

  • "We love you, water."
  • "Thank you, water."
  • "We will take care of you, water."
  • Also thank God and the Angels for the water and ask them to bless it as you drink it.

Notice any changes that occur after you begin drinking HADO water and eating high HADO foods.

You may notice no changes . . . or you may notice quite a few. Finding some improvement is essential to seeing whether this approach is for you.