New Crystal Harmonizers for Frequency Generators!



  Welcome to an exciting new compliment to frequency technology. Crystal Harmonizers are designed to harmonize cells in the human body. With the use of your GB-4000 or other frequency instrument, the necessary carrier waves present an array of energizing frequencies. These frequencies are delivered to the cellular structure and cellular systems of the body.


  Crystal Harmonizers are made from selected crystals and specific minerals which are put into an electrolytic solution. These crystals and minerals provide for the conduction of subtle energies to the reflexology and acupuncture points of the body when the Crystal Harmonizers are held in the hands. The crystalline probes maybe placed on specific parts of the body which are in discomfort or are out of balance.


  An ace-bandage elastic wrap may be used to hold the Crystal Harmonizers in place. An example of this procedure would be if someone is having a problem with the pancreas. Place one Crystal Generator on the front midsection of the body in the area of the pancreas and the other Crystal Generator on the back side of the body in the area of the pancreas. You must be very careful because the probes are made of Pyrex glass. They are fragile and need to be handled with care.


  Pre-selected carrier waves are introduced into the Crystal Harmonizers that stimulates each crystal to oscillator or vibrate. These frequencies are then refracted into a multitude of wellness frequencies and are presented to the body for its selection. Crystals are selected for their ability to create a sympathetic resonance in specific cellular systems. The intent is to expand health and vitality to the entire body.


  What is the Scientific Basis for this? When the flat surfaces of two crystals are rubbed together in the dark, you will likely observe a sparking effect within the crystals. This is caused by piezoelectric energy, the same energy given off by the crystals within the Crystal Harmonizers. The piezoelectric effect is the displacement of ionic charges within a crystal lattice structure. When the lattice structure is subjected to pressure, abrasion or stress, ionic charges are activated and energy movement can be observed. Mild stimulation of the lattice structure creates an oscillation that sets up a sympathetic vibration in cells.


Selected crystals and specific minerals in an electrolytic solution.


  The charge distribution within the crystal is symmetric and the net electrical potential is zero. A stimulated crystal delivers no electrical charge, but now delivers a sound wave compatible to the wellness needs of the cells. There is no electric or magnetic (electromagnetic) field associated with sound or ultrasound oscillations/vibrations or waves. This delivery system allows all cells to receive signals that activate their own blueprint frequencies.


  Sound as a healing modality orchestrates the synergistic frequencies that balance organs, glands and groups of cells bringing them into perfect attunement and coherence. Crystals, as natural piezoelectric oscillators, convert GB-4000 Generator frequencies into multiple sound signals that cause sympathetic blueprint resonance. Crystal Harmonizers provide any expanded frequency delivery system to body's cells.  The body has an internal wisdom which has a normal response toward health and healing when the body is provided the appropriated means. The body knows how to heal itself and when given the appropriate blueprint frequencies, these regenerative sound waves serves both as a pacemaker and a cellular reminder of the original blueprint frequency response.


  The GB-4000 or other frequency instrument delivery system is complimented by the regenerative wellness frequencies produced by the Crystal Harmonizers.



  How? The cellular structures and systems of the body are crystalline in nature. (This is why minerals are so essential for cellular support.) The cells respond to the piezoelectric energy oscillations from the Crystal Harmonizers in a similar way to the tuning fork effect. When there are two separate tuning forks in a room and one is struck creating an oscillation, that vibration will be transferred to the second tuning fork which will then oscillate at the same identical tone.


  As an example of what often takes place in the body, we will use the pancreas. At birth the pancreas has a subtle energy of 7.2 thousand (blueprint) frequency, but, due to trauma: mental, emotional, physical or chemical toxins (internal or external, which include synthetic cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs), the 7.2 thousand drops to 4.2 thousand. This just happens to be the livable threshold frequency for pathogens, i.e. viral, bacterial, mycoplasma, parasites, etc. These pathogens now feel welcome and take up residence in this gland. Frequency balance is lost and dis-ease (disease) occurs.


  By sending the correct sympathetic frequency from the GB-4000 instrument through the Crystal Harmonizers you can bring the subtle energy of the pancreas back to balance and the pancreas can again vibrate at 7.2 thousand.  The pathogens will begin to feel unwelcome, uncomfortable and will be saying, I am out of here. Thus, the pancreas and the body become capable for a return to health and wellness. This return toward balanced blueprint frequency is the intent and purpose of the Crystal Harmonizers for true wellness.


  Crystal Harmonizers users are reporting increased immune system operation and greater feeling of health and wellness.


Note: Due to the piezoelectric energy delivery there will be NO energy sensation felt when holding the Crystal Harmonizers (unlike the sensation from the steel cylinders). We suggest you dowse or use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine the most suitable frequencies to use. When using the Crystal Harmonizers with the GB-4000, lower frequencies in the Audio range are preferred to the higher frequencies in the RF range.


Easily plugs right into the output jacks of your GB-4000 or other frequency generators.


Handle the Crystal Harmonizers with care.
They are made of Pyrex glass and require caution when handling.



$180 when purchased separately

$150 for purchasers of the GB-4000


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